Growers protect their investments with Stratego

Growers have seen record numbers this year with corn yields, so it is more important than ever to them to protect their planted investments. Many growers rely upon Stratego® fungicide as the answer in minimizing the risk of disease during the growing season.

The combination of late planting and adverse weather conditions in 2007 made for ideal conditions for disease. Growers can ensure disease control for their crops in the next year by investing in the protection of a foliar fungicide application, like Stratego.

Stratego fungicide, with XLERATE(tm) Technology, helps protect corn from diseases, including gray leaf spot, northern and southern corn leaf blight, anthracnose, common rust and eyespot, according to Rick Kraus, Bayer CropScience product manager.

"XLERATE boosts a plant's natural nitrogen conversion and chlorophyll levels, so plants treated with Stratego have increased photosynthetic capabilities, and therefore they make better use of available light," Kraus says.

Kraus also explains that Stratego works to extend a plant's natural growing season, so corn growers' plants stay greener longer. "A longer and more effective growing season leads to larger more robust plants," he says.

In field research tests, Stratego consistently improved corn yield results across years, hybrids and varying environmental conditions. Over a three-year period between 2004 and 2006, Stratego averaged a 10.7 bushel per acre yield improvement compared to untreated corn.

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