Fort Atkinson, WI....August 8, 2012. Crop producers can simplify their crop insurance claims using Digi-Star®'s GT 460 with Autolog™.  USDA's Risk Management Agency (RMA) has confirmed that printed reports from the GT 460 are an acceptable source for supportive records. Producers may use these reports to verify harvest production and act as supportive data for loss records.

Autolog starts to record when the PTO is engaged and logs the data automatically when the PTO is stopped. Documentation from the grain cart will assist in quick processing of claims and the GT 460 captures the time stamp, date, field, and weight information automatically with the new Autolog feature.The GT 460 also provides a unique yield monitor calibration system with a check combine button.

According to the RMA Loss Adjustment office in Kansas City, MO using the GT 460 with Autolog will be an approved source of data for the required crop insurance claim reports  by unit, including the crop name, acres harvested, date harvested, total production. Average moisture content and yield maps can also be incorporated into the printed report from harvester data.

Digi-Star products are solution focused. "As the leader in grain cart scale technology Digi-Star is fortunate to be able to assist producers through the current drought, said Grant Ihrke, Digi‐Star's President & CEO.  "Producers whose grain carts are among the 1000's already equipped with the GT 460 are able to access the needed harvest data simply and accurately for multiple business needs including insurance claims," said Ihrke.

The GT 460 with Autolog is currently available on all scale ready grain carts. Producers can easily upgrade their current GT460 indicator with the Autolog feature. To learn more contact your local grain cart dealer or go to

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