Headline® fungicide from BASF receives EPA approval for Plant Health label

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, January 29, 2009 – BASF announced today that Headline® fungicide is the first fungicide to have EPA approved Plant Health claims on its label. State approvals are currently pending.

“We believe this is a new precedent for the agricultural community,” said Nevin McDougall, Group Vice President, North America, BASF. “Agriculture must rely on innovative products such as Headline to meet the increasing global demand for food and fuel, in the face of decreasing availability of land. BASF is proud to be a leader in crop protection innovation.”

“For years growers have relied on the outstanding disease control and Plant Health benefits from Headline,” said Rick Chamblee, PhD, Technical Service Manager with BASF. “The research behind this registration underscores the commitment of BASF to helping growers get the most out of every acre by supporting the Plant Health benefits of Headline.”

Headline improves Plant Health by acting on three unique areas of the plant’s growth. These Plant Health benefits are improved growth efficiency, excellent disease control, and enhanced tolerance to stress conditions such as drought, heat, cold temperatures and ozone damage.

“The Plant Health benefits of Headline help plants focus their energy on producing more output,” noted Chamblee. “Over and over again, we see the yield advantage of Headline in a number of key crops.”

Headline is the most researched fungicide on the market, with more than 7,000 farm trials conducted on well over a million acres in the past seven years.

In these trials, Headline was proven to increase yield advantage by 12-16 bushels/acre in corn, 4-8 bushels/acre in soybeans, 65 lbs/lint acre in cotton, and 6-10 bushels/acre in wheat.

Headline is registered for use on more than 90 crops to control over 50 diseases. For more information about Headline and other BASF crop protection products, visit, www.agproducts.basf.com.