HERCULEX® RW, HERCULEX I/RR2 Approved for Import into EU

INDIANAPOLIS and DES MOINES, Iowa — October 24, 2007 — The European Commission today announced it has granted full food, feed, processing and import approval of grain corn and derived products containing the HERCULEX® RW Rootworm Protection trait, as well as the stack of HERCULEX I Insect Protection and Roundup Ready® Corn 2 (RR2), into the European Union (EU).

These products had previously been deemed safe by the EU’s own independent scientific authority — the European Food Safety Authority — and have been approved in numerous other countries around the world already. This decision means grain with these traits is immediately approved for import as grain and processed products into the 27-nation EU.

With this EU decision and the approval of HERCULEX I last year, grain with the HERCULEX RW and HERCULEX I/RR2 stack traits will no longer be sold under the

Market Choices® certification mark, identifying products approved for food and feed use in the United States and Japan but not the EU, facilitating appropriate market-channeling.

HERCULEX® Insect Protection was developed through a research collaboration between

Dow AgroSciences LLC and Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business.

“This is timely news for North American corn growers and the grain industry,” says Ben Kaehler, Traits & Germplasm Licensing business leader for Dow AgroSciences. “This decision removes the last major overseas market restriction for these traits and frees exporters to market products with these traits around the globe. It also shows the growing acceptance of the safety and benefits of products developed through biotechnology.”

“Corn growers have quickly recognized the value of HERCULEX and adopted it because it provides a broader spectrum of insect protection for their high-yielding hybrids,” adds Dean Oestreich, president of Pioneer. “This EU approval also clears the way for corn growers to

purchase seed protected by HERCULEX I and HERCULEX RW, knowing they can plant it in 2008

without any grain channeling restrictions.”

HERCULEX® I Insect Protection provides the broadest above-ground, in-plant insect protection available today against pests like European and southwestern corn borer, western bean cutworm, black cutworm and fall armyworm. Other above ground in-plant traits primarily protect against European and southwestern corn borer, making HERCULEX I the broadest above-ground, in-plant corn protection on the market.

HERCULEX RW is the first transgenic corn trait to express binary proteins — Cry34 Ab1 and Cry35 Ab1 — from a unique, newly discovered strain of Bt. It has proven through grower use and company and Extension field trials to provide excellent protection against three species of corn rootworm: western, northern and Mexican corn rootworm.

Another product offered in the U.S. market is HERCULEX XTRA Insect Protection. The EU decision does not include HERCULEX XTRA, nor the stack of HERCULEX® XTRA

Insect Protection and RR2 traits. EU approval of these traits is expected in the near future.

Pioneer and Dow AgroSciences independently market and sell products with HERCULEX traits — Pioneer within its own brand, and Dow AgroSciences through Mycogen Seeds, the retail seed brand of Dow AgroSciences. Dow AgroSciences also licenses HERCULEX to nearly 160 seed companies throughout North America.

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