High-performing trait stack delivers protection and flexibility, preserves yield potential

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - August 15, 2007 -- Syngenta announces the

availability of Agrisure(r) 3000GT, the latest addition to the Agrisure

brand of high-performance corn traits, for the 2008 planting season.

Agrisure 3000GT is a quad stack that protects the corn crop against both

corn borer and corn rootworm while providing exceptional tolerance to

in-season applications of both glyphosate and LIBERTY(r) herbicides.

Agrisure traits feature the insect control and herbicide tolerance

growers need to protect the full genetic potential of their hybrids.

Agrisure 3000GT combines the powerful, proven glyphosate tolerance of

Agrisure GT with the superior insect resistance provided by Agrisure

CB/LL/RW, which has demonstrated a 42 bu/A yield advantage over the

untreated isoline in field trials. With built-in tolerance to glyphosate

and LIBERTY herbicides, growers also enjoy a trait solution for either

glyphosate- or glufosinate-tolerant volunteers in corn-on-corn


"Agrisure 3000GT gives growers more freedom than ever before to maximize

yields and capitalize on higher grain prices and new market

opportunities," says Tracy Mader, Agrisure brand manager, Syngenta

Seeds. "Additionally, growers can have confidence that the advanced

trait insertion process used by Syngenta protects the existing yield

potential of the hybrid."

Syngenta maintains the genetic integrity of the hybrid by integrating

trait genes such as Agrisure 3000GT directly into elite seed lines. The

result is a rapid, efficient transfer of the desired DNA into new

hybrids for outstanding insect control and herbicide tolerance without

compromising the performance of the hybrid.

"Growers can plant this quad stack knowing that they have built-in

insect protection and herbicide tolerance, and a hybrid that is still

going to perform to its highest potential," Mader adds. "Plus, with

their purchase of Agrisure corn traits, growers are eligible for

AgriEdge(r) Corn programs."

AgriEdge Corn programs help increase productivity by minimizing

yield-limiting factors throughout the season. Industry-leading crop loss

and replant assurances help minimize risk while the industry's most

comprehensive portfolio of seeds, services and crop protection products

helps to maximize yield.

"AgriEdge lets growers enjoy unmatched flexibility," says Rex Wichert,

AgriEdge corn business manager, Syngenta. "If a grower plants a hybrid

containing Agrisure 3000GT, but does not use the GT or LL trait,

Syngenta reimburses the grower for the full value of the unused trait.

This feature allows growers flexibility in focusing on yield potential

and only paying for the technology they use."

Syngenta introduced Agrisure biotech traits for corn in 2005 with the

launch of Agrisure GT. The Agrisure traits lineup has grown

substantially and now includes Agrisure GT, Agrisure LL, Agrisure CB/LL

(season-long corn borer control), Agrisure GT/CB/LL, Agrisure RW and

Agrisure GT/RW. Today, Agrisure traits are available in elite genetics

from Garst(r), Golden Harvest(r), NK(r) and more than 150 other seed


Agrisure 3000GT has full U.S. government approvals for planting in the

U.S. Syngenta is seeking full regulatory approval in Japan, as well as

other major export markets of U.S. corn and corn products. In 2007,

pending key export approvals, Syngenta developed a program to make

Agrisure RW technology available to those growers who submitted a plan

to direct their grain to domestic markets, such as on-farm livestock

feeding, domestic feedlots, and ethanol plants that are not exporting

distiller's dry grains (DDGs).

For more information on Agrisure 3000GT, Agrisure traits and AgriEdge

programs, please visit us on the Web at www.agrisuretraits.com