Hypro Express™ Nozzle Body End Caps Increase Nozzle Body Efficiency


New Brighton, MN, May 15, 2012 – The Express nozzle body end cap from Hypro, 2012 AE50 award winner, supports today’s practice of Precision Agriculture. It enables standard nozzle bodies to have much quicker reaction times in response to GPS boom shut-off control signals, turning off spray quickly and decisively on overlaps, end rows, and boundary areas. This is achieved by eliminating the air that gets trapped in conventional boom designs. When the boom is completely filled with liquid, the nozzle body’s diaphragm check valve (DCV) activation time is greatly improved, by as much as 85%.

The Express nozzle body end caps also create a much cleaner look by terminating the pipe at the last nozzle body, while reducing pipe material by as much as 10%. Using Express nozzle body end caps will contribute to better boom hygiene by eliminating the ‘dead-end’ termination of pipe that allows chemical residue to buildup and air to accumulate. The additional option of a removable end plug allows easy access for boom cleanout to flush debris from boom pipe.

The Express nozzle body end cap is currently available for 1” nominal pipe (1.315”OD). To receive more information on the new Express nozzle body end cap, please contact Hypro at

1-800-424-9776, or visit www.hypropumps.com.