INSTINCT® Nitrogen Stabilizer From Dow AgroSciences Obtains Section 3 Federal Supplemental Label

INDIANAPOLIS — Dow AgroSciences announces INSTINCT® nitrogen stabilizer has received Section 3 Federal Supplemental Label from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The additional registration allows corn growers to stabilize a postplant nitrogen application, which includes the addition of sidedress application — up to V6 growth stage. INSTINCT protects nitrogen at the root zone and optimizes the yield potential of corn when used with nitrogen.

“This new application window provides growers with an additional opportunity to protect even more of their nitrogen applications, all the way up through sidedress,” says John Demerly, Portfolio Marketing Leader, Dow AgroSciences. “Growers can make more nitrogen available longer, reducing the chances of nitrogen deficiency late into the season, which can impact yield. And with our current corn prices, every bushel protected can add to the bottom line.”

Many growers apply nitrogen as a sidedress application with UAN, urea and liquid manure, he says. This extended application time for INSTINCT gives growers the ability to inhibit nitrification, which occurs through leaching or denitrification. When incorporated with the nitrogen application, INSTINCT treats the soil within the root zone to ensure nitrogen is available during key stages of corn growth, thus optimizing yield potential.

Last year, INSTINCT obtained section 24(C) Special Local Needs Registration in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, permitting sidedress applications in those states. Growers in other states expressed interest to Dow AgroSciences for the increased flexibility to sidedress with INSTINCT® nitrogen stabilizer.

“We experienced great success last year in the 24(C) timing application windows and look forward to the opportunities the sidedress label brings for growers across the country,” Demerly says.

Since its introduction in August 2009, INSTINCT has been used by growers to protect nitrogen at the root zone. University studies have shown that nitrapyrin, the active ingredient in INSTINCT, makes more nitrogen available longer, which increases grain protein, improves standability and enables faster crop drydown.

According to data from the 2011 Purdue University Crop Cost & Return Guide, almost 35 percent of growing expenses are related to fertilizer. Using INSTINCT helps enable the applied nitrogen to be more efficient and cost-effective by reducing nitrification. It also is an example of how growers can employ environmentally beneficial farming practices by reducing leaching of nitrogen into groundwater and reducing denitrification, the escape of nitrogen into the atmosphere.