IntegrisPro Advanced Grain Management


Monitor and control grain quality.  You can-directly from your PC-with our IntegrisPro Advanced Grain Management solution.  Offering fully automated monitoring, alarms, continuous level inventory monitoring and automated aeration control, IntegrisPro is the most highly developed grain storage management solution available.  IntegrisPro also offers the best, most cost-effective way for large farm operators and commercial grain facility managers to increase their bottom line.

With IntegrisPro, your storage becomes a profit center.  Market enabling technology lets you store grain longer with the confidence of knowing you're maintaining top-quality condition.  Increased carry times mean you sell when market prices are at their peak.  The OPI-integris IntegrisPro solution minimizes shrink and spoilage, reduces energy costs by as much as 80% with automated fan control and increases drier throughput, so you maintain the highest quality grain!