Intimidator Soybean Pre-Emerge Herbicide


Loveland Products, Inc. introduces Intimidator herbicide. Intimidatoris a new soybean pre-emerge herbicide, which offers three modes of action to help control some of the toughest weeds on the farm. It also offers a sound resistance management strategy for growers.

Intimidator is Loveland’s second entry in the soybean three mode of action pre-emerge herbicide product stable. Intimidator is best positioned for the southern soybean growing area where the need for residual grass and broadleaf weed control is critical to help soybeans get an early, weed-free stand establishment. With three active ingredients, Intimidatornot only helps manage tough to control weeds, but also provides multiple modes of action to provide a soil-applied strategy to help control herbicide tolerant weeds that continue to be a challenge for growers.

The product is labeled for pre-emergent weed control use in soybeans and will be marketed through Crop Production Services’ retail and wholesale locations.

More information on Intimidator, including product label and information sheets, can be found at