John Deere Agri Services Announces New Pit Monitor Option for the oneWeigh™ Scale Automation System

Alpharetta, Ga. – April 26, 2010 – John Deere Agri Services has released the new Pit Monitor feature for the oneWeigh scale automation system. This option enables scale operators at grain handling facilities to automatically convey pertinent load information to operators at the receiving pits by using a pit monitor program and display screen. The scale operator can configure what information to display such as vehicle ID, commodity description, pit number, grade information, and comments.

The Pit Monitor automatically transmits load information from the oneWeigh system at the scale house to a PC in the receiving pit area to display the data in a clear, easy-to-read grid format on any type or size of monitor, eliminating the need for radio and paper communications. Often, radio communications are poor and carry the risk of misunderstandings and mistakes, while paper communications require time and effort to hand-write the information or obtain the information via a printer. The Pit Monitor saves time and effort while improving accuracy in transmitting information between the point of grain weighing to where it is unloaded.

“The new Pit Monitor feature improves and simplifies a critical communication step between the scale operator and the receiving pit operator,” says Steve Day, oneWeigh product manager. “This communication occurs on each and every load and adds up to a significant amount of time over the course of a day,” adds Day. “The Pit Monitor feature also enables grain handlers to further validate that grain goes to the right pit and enables them to make better binning decisions,” says Day.

In addition, the Pit Monitor option provides pertinent information for busy managers and merchandisers who want to observe facility activity at any given time without having to call the scale house, enabling managers to easily determine how many crews need to be on hand and where they need to be to maintain efficiency and productivity.

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