John Deere Agri Services Releases Cross Country Trading Extended Option for AGRIS™ V9 Commodity Management System

Alpharetta, Ga. – August 31, 2009 – John Deere Agri Services has released a Cross Country Trading extended option for the AGRIS V9 commodity management system. The feature helps streamline processes by providing the ability to manage all trade-related information - from pricing to ticket entry to settlement - from one screen. The option allows agribusiness merchandising departments, grain originators, grain traders, and grain brokers to link purchase contracts to other contracts in order to reduce effort in completing each activity associated with the trade and quickly and easily determine profitability of trades.

From a single Trade ID screen, the Cross Country Trading option allows for linking a contract to other contracts to save time in managing tasks related to a trade such as editing or moving trades, entering tickets, managing freight expenses, pricing tickets, and settlement. The new option streamlines information capture while trading and reduces time spent in tracking transactions, especially where one or multiple contracts correspond to many other contracts and/or schedules. From the Trade ID screen, users may see information related to a purchase and the sales contracts associated with that purchase and also view the status of a trade, determine profitability of a trade, and easily report on purchase activities and results.

“We are pleased to provide merchandisers and grain traders a quick and easy way to launch into and complete the various activities related to a trade,” says Tom Angell, business segment manager for John Deere Agri Services. “With the Cross Country Trading option, having the ability to link all related information for a trade will help improve day-to-day efficiency in managing multiple contracts, and the fact that it also provides a simple way to determine profitability of trades makes it a far-reaching benefit to commodity businesses,” notes Angell.

In addition to enhancing efficiency in completing trading tasks, the Cross Country Trading option also helps improve accuracy by ensuring the correct contract is chosen when conducting trading activities. The option also may be used for one-to-one direct shipment transactions to more easily keep track of those types of buying and selling activities.

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