John Deere releases new high-clearance bundle for sprayers

LENEXA, Kan. — February 20, 2009 — John Deere introduces a new high-clearance bundle for its 4730 and 4830 Sprayers. With the addition of the bundle, farmers and commercial applicators are able to use their sprayers to apply fungicides or other products on corn in the tassel stage, and to increase their application opportunities in other tall crops such as sugarcane and sunflowers.

“The bundle increases the sprayer height an additional 16 inches and provides increased crop shielding that makes our sprayers even more versatile and productive, especially for use later in the season. Now, with up to 76 inches of under-frame clearance, customers can drive their 4730 or 4830 Sprayer through tasseled corn with minimal crop damage. This gives custom applicators the ability to generate extra revenue per season, or allows farmers to recoup more from their initial sprayer investment,” says Adam Hart, John Deere product manager.

The high-clearance sprayer bundle consists of four assemblies – one per wheel – that attach between the chrome spindle and the casting that houses the wheel motor. Shields are also included to help keep the radiator and grill clear of tassels or pollen. In addition, the bundle includes parts that lower the eductor to make loading chemicals more convenient.

A telescoping latch mechanism allows the eductor to be lowered to a more accommodating height for loading, as well as a convenient storage position that’s out of the way when not in use. The clean-water rinse tank also has an extension to make access to clean water more available to operators when needed.

Wheel shields and belly shields are recommended for use with the high-clearance bundle to prevent crop damage when spraying tall corn and other crops and can be ordered separately.

“After the high-clearance bundle is initially installed, the lift castings can be removed or reinstalled in approximately four hours. This lets customers convert a standard machine to a high-clearance machine, or convert a high-clearance machine back to the standard height of 60 inches,” says Hart.

The high-clearance sprayer bundle is compatible with Model Year 2008-2009 4730 and 4830 Sprayers only.