Legend Seeds announces that all Corn Hybrids and Soybean Varieties can be ordered with QuickRoots Seed Treatment

De Smet, SD - Legend Seeds is announcing that QuickRootsÒ, a microbial seed treatment from TJ Technologies, can be ordered on all Legend Seeds Corn Hybrids and Soybean Varieties for the 2011 planting season.

Legend Seeds Corn Hybrids have shown exceptional yields in 2010 variety trials and the addition of QuickRootsÒ microbial seed treatment is adding extra yields of 6 to 8 bushels per acre. Matt Hubsh, Legend Sales Agronomist, says: “the yield increase far outweighs the cost.” Simply ask your local Legend Seeds Dealer to apply QuickRootsÒ to your favorite corn hybrid and experience the labor-free yield benefits that QuickRootsÒ offers.

QuickRootsÒ for Soybeans can also be ordered from your Legend Seeds Dealer. Application of QuickRootsÒ can be done at one of the 18 Legend Seeds Bulk Soybean Distribution locations. You can also take advantage of the Truck for a Buck program and save by picking up your QuickRootsÒ Treated Soybeans from the Legend Seeds Bulk Distribution location of your choice. QuickRootsÒ can be ordered on 40 unit totes or bulk soybeans and can be applied months in advance of planting with no loss of value. The extended life of QuickRootsÒ on seed allows you to get your soybean seed on farm well in advance of planting.

QuickRootsÒ is a product of TJ Technologies of Watertown, SD. QuickRootsÒ novel enzymes make soil nutrients plant available in the root zone.  Ultimately, this increase in nutrient availability increases root mass, allowing the root to explore a greater volume of soil – the Key to Higher Yields.