Leica Geosystems expands suite of steering solutions

Englewood, Colo., January 5, 2010 – – Leica Geosystems today announces a new suite of SteerDirect steering options, including CAN, SRK and the all new hydraulic solution. With these solutions, combined with the Leica QuickSteer electric motor, Leica now offers a robust suite of steering solutions customized to fit a wide range of agricultural equipment across all major brands.

“If you looked at the Leica mojoRTK before, but couldn’t find a steering platform to fit your needs, take another look,” says Rob Doncon, product manager for Leica Geosystems. “In addition to the new hydraulic kit, we’ve expanded all the other SteerDirect platforms to steer a wide range of farm equipment.”

SteerDirect Hydraulics

The new SteerDirect Hydraulic system is a compact, integrated solution that connects the Leica mojoRTK console to the vehicle’s steering system via a simple, single-bracket hydraulic kit. This unique system was designed with a number of cost-saving features, including a simplified design for easier installation.

SteerDirect SRK

The SteerDirect SRK (steer-ready kit) is the perfect option for retrofitting tractors with existing electro-hydraulic components. The SRK controller translates CAN messages from the Leica mojoRTK console into electric signals to drive the equipment via electro-hydraulic sensors.

SteerDirect CAN

The Leica mojoRTK console can also be connected directly to the tractor’s CANbus system on some tractors for a simple and accurate steering solution that’s both affordable and easy to install. Plus, by connecting directly to the CANbus on the tractor, the mojoRTK communicates directly with existing controllers, valves and sensors already on the tractor.

In addition to these new SteerDirect options, Leica Geosystems also provides the Leica QuickSteer assisted steering motor as a simple retro-fit solution that work seamlessly with both the Leica mojoRTK console and the Leica mojo3D display.

To learn more about the available SteerDirect options and all of the Leica Geosystems agriculture products, drive straight to your local dealer or visit us online at www.AgGuidance.com