Leica Software Upgrade Brings Access to Open RTK Networks

Leica Geosystems recently announced a new network software upgrade for its mojoRTK auto-steer console, allowing producers to take full advantage of the CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Station) networks being built across the country.

Many of these networks provide free RTK signal access through state departments’ of transportation efforts to develop state-wide networks.

Customers with a mojoRTK console and a network software upgrade will be able to obtain free access to RTK networks from their local DOT with a data plan from Leica Geosystems.

“This eliminates the need for base stations and costly propriety networks for farmers in these areas,” says Trevor Mecham, North American Business Manager for Leica’s Agriculture group. “Our customers in these areas only need to purchase a network-ready version of the mojoRTK console and a data plan to enjoy all the benefits of a dual-frequency RTK auto-steer system.”

With the network up and running, farmers in states with DOT-established CORS networks will have the ability to use the signal via a modem inside the mojoRTK console that connects to the Internet using a cellular data plan provided by Leica through Aeris Communications, which also manages the data transfer for Leica’s Virtual Wrench remote service and support tool.

“Aeris simplifies the complexities associated with wireless data connectivity allowing visionary customers like Leica to focus on key product innovations,” said Mark Cratsenburg, vice president of sales at Aeris. "The integration of data transfer via cell modem with the DOT-established CORS networks is a great example of focused innovation that delivers easier solutions to help farmers increase productivity."

This announcement from Leica’s Agriculture group comes as the company’s Reference Network Team begins installing the Iowa Real-Time Network – a Leica CORS Network – for the Iowa DOT. The Iowa Real-Time Network is scheduled for completion by Dec. 1. Several states already have established CORS networks, including Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin and parts of Georgia and Illinois.

For more information visit the Leica web site.