LibertyLink soybeans provide top yields with top-of-the-line protection

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. (February 17, 2009) — Every year, growers face tough challenges — weather, markets, pests — and they often look for new ways to manage risk.

In 2009, soybean growers can choose LibertyLink® soybeans with Ignite® herbicide, the only nonselective alternative to the Roundup Ready® system.

LibertyLink soybeans are marketed by more than 85 leading seed companies, across a wide geography, offering maturities from 0.5 to 4.9, and LibertyLink soybeans feature top-of-the-line seed treatment protection of the Trilex® 6000 Soybean System.

“In 2008, across 100 key trials testing various soybean varieties, LibertyLink soybeans performed as well as or better than competitive trait varieties,” says Jon Fischer, technical and business development manager, Bayer CropScience. “LibertyLink soybeans demonstrate no yield drag or lag, with excellent yield performance across all available maturities.”

Ronnie Helms, research agronomist with G&H Associates, based in Stuttgart, Ark., had first-hand yield experience with LibertyLink in his 2008 trials.

“The genetics are there to yield with the current commercial leaders and I can attribute no yield drags to LibertyLink,” says Helms. “You want to insert a new gene into a variety that is a competitive choice. They’ve done that with this line.”

In 2008, Helms and his associates compared a late group 4 LibertyLink line with two popular competitive Roundup Ready varieties — one from Pioneer Hi-Bred International and one from Hornbeck Seed Company.

Across all trials in four locations, the three varieties yielded a mean average ranging from 58 bu/A to 63 bu/A, with the LibertyLink variety coming in at 61 bu/A.

“The four locations represent the large geography we service. Different clays, silt loams, different planting dates, environments, across managements, I think it did well in all of them,” says Helms.

According to Fischer, Bayer CropScience continues its work with key germplasm providers to greatly broaden LibertyLink variety offerings for 2010 and beyond, including expanding maturity range and agronomic packages.

Treat Your Beans Right

In 2009, LibertyLink soybeans come with an extra layer of protection for growers; in fact, it’s six layers of protection with the Trilex® 6000 Soybean System.

According to Helms, the number of growers opting for soybean seed treatment continues to rise. “With the price of beans, a seed treatment helps for a more uniform stand. You can’t make a crop without a stand.”

The six powerful layers of protection from the Trilex 6000 Soybean System include two fungicides, a biological fungicide and an insecticide. All layers of Trilex 6000 combine to give growers increased crop vigor in their stands and yields.

“By combining LibertyLink soybeans and Trilex 6000, Bayer CropScience provides a complete package at planting,” says Fischer. “Growers get top genetics with early protection from critical disease and insect yield loss.”

Helms has seen seed treatment protection pay off with stand and performance. “We don’t plant naked seed; there’s too much risk.”

For additional information on LibertyLink soybeans or the Trilex 6000 Soybean System, growers can contact their local Bayer CropScience representatives, call 1-866-99-BAYER (1-866-992-2937) or visit