Localized Agronomic Information by Zip Code Available on DEKALB® Web Site

Farmers can visit DEKALB.com to sign up for Growing Knowledge® agronomic information provided by local Asgrow® and DEKALB® brand seed representatives. A new agronomic resource on the Asgrow® and DEKALB® home page allows farmers to type in their zip code to receive localized agronomic newsletters, tips and interactive value calculators.

“By visiting Asgrow.com or DEKALB.com and clicking on the Growing Knowledge® tab, farmers can sign up to receive local agronomic information to help them make agronomic decisions, save time and improve yield potential,” says Tony White, Monsanto Agronomic Information Manager.

From the site, farmers can sign up to receive the monthly Growing Knowledge newsletter, delivered straight to their e-mail inboxes. By subscribing, farmers will also receive electronic Growing Knowledge ALERTs and Agronomic Spotlights from their local Asgrow and DEKALB brand seed representative. ALERT publications are used to rapidly convey critical agronomic information to people within any given target region. For example, an area hit by a hail storm can expect a Growing Knowledge ALERT within a very short period of time to address the issue and provide tools to help manage the problem. Spotlight publications are used to convey important information between newsletter issues, but are generally not as critical as an ALERT.

Through Growing Knowledge, farmers can also take advantage of the Asgrow and DEKALB Know to Grow™ resource, which provides online video modules on innovative new products as well as agronomic topics, including weed resistance, ethanol and factors to consider when selecting soybean products.

Interactive value calculators on the site enable farmers to input their costs and yield information to calculate their profit potential. “We recently launched a DEKALB Harvest Moisture Advantage Calculator, which helps farmers estimate the value of reduced drying costs associated with DEKALB corn,” says White. Additional value calculators include a BYE calculator, which farmers can use to help determine the amount of money they might save on insurance premiums by planting products qualified under the Risk Management Biotechnology Endorsement, and an Asgrow calculator, which farmers can enter their planting rate and soybean price to calculate their total estimated revenue per acre.

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