Loveland Products announces instructional videos to help illustrate crop tissue sampling principles and procedures along with how to interpret a NutriScription® tissue report


Loveland Products will have online, four professional videos illustrating the various aspects of the NutriScription tissue sampling program. One video was filmed inside a nationally rated laboratory while the remaining videos were filmed in the fields of Iowa during the summer of 2011.
The videos will be partitioned into four segments:
  • The Importance of tissue sampling
  • How to tissue sample
  • How to submit a tissue sample
  • How to interpret a NutriScription report
The first video, “The Importance of Tissue Sampling,” features an agronomist at one of the top NutriScription certified laboratories in the country discussing the various reasons for tissue sampling and the rationale of tissue versus soil sampling. He also reviews some of the incorrect ways customers send samples to his lab and reasons why those methods are incorrect.
The second video, “How to Tissue Sample,” highlights the correct sampling procedures for alfalfa, corn and soybeans crops*. Field entry strategy, which crops to sample and where are also carefully explained.
The third video, “How to Submit a tissue sample,” demonstrates the key criteria for transferring information from the cropped field to the NutriScription certified laboratory. When NutriScription users view and learn these step by step procedures, it will then facilitate seamless report deliveries from NutriScription.
The fourth and final video, “How to interpret a NutriScription report,” exhibits what to look for in a NutriScription report and how the data is scientifically expressed. It also defines why certain products are recommended if and when a crop nutrient falls below optimum levels.
Check out the videos by logging onto: