MANA responds with glyphosate-resistant weed control plus cash back.


Glyphosate resistance threatens thousands of acres and millions of dollars in lost yields. With one of the largest agrochemical portfolios in cotton today, MANA Crop Protection has the solutions cotton producers need.

Growers, consultants and the agrochemical industry recognize that MANA products, such as Cotoran®, Cotton Pro®, and MANA Diuron 4L, offer proven solutions to protect against the expansion and destructive impact of Palmer amaranth (pigweed) and otherglyphosate-resistant weeds.

Not only is MANA providing proven solutions against glyphosate-resistant weeds, but now MANA has joined forces with the Roundup Ready PLUS™ program for season-long control plus cash incentives of up to $12 a gallon on select MANA products. In partnership with Monsanto, MANA offers and encourages using multiple modes of action to combat and reduce the risk of further weed resistance.