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Focus on production, not markets

Focus on production, not markets

Think Different Steven Albracht knows he can produce bin-busting corn yields that hit at least 300 bushels regularly. Production like that takes a lot of time, hours and days he can’t spend on marketing. Instead, he trusts a grain trader with professional staff monitoring markets 24/7. Albracht can focus more on making the big numbers rise on the combine yield monitor and less on whether he’s missing an extra 25 cents a bushel in sales.

To say the least, Steven Albracht is a high-intensity corn farmer. He is disappointed if yields don’t top 300 bushels per acre. But even with gargantuan yields, he must market wisely to help pocket a good return and prevent strangling from high production costs.

“I’ve learned to put more time in producing, trusting my grain elevator to do much of the marketing,” says Albracht, a Hart, Texas, grower who has a corn, cotton and triticale rotation, all under irriga

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