Mid America Distributing Offers a Dry Granular Ammonium Salt of Glyphosate


Fairmont, MN – Mid America Distributing announces U.S. registration and label for a new ammoniumsalt of glyphosate sold as a 88.8% WDG dry prill product called CLEAN FIELD 88.8 WDG.According to Jim Satter, the product features a true solution technology so when added to water, itcannot separate out of solution, eliminating concerns about clogging of screens or nozzles.Sold in 40-pound easy-to-dispose plastic bags, the labeled rate is one-pound per acre, which isequivalent to a quart of 4-pound liquid glyphosate.

“Handling of this dry granular product is easy when compared to liquids,” Satter said. “There areno totes to handle, follow, fill or return. Plus, one truckload treats 40,000 acres compared to atruckload of totes which treat just 16,000 acres.”

Cost competitive per acre, the product will be easy to use within farmers’ present induction orspray systems.

CLEAN FIELD 88.8 WDG will be marketed exclusively in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota,Iowa, Wisconsin and Montana.

Mid America Distributing is a family owned and operated business based in Fairmont, MN. Moreinformation at http://www.cleanfieldproducts.com.