Minnesota Soybean Promotes Benefits of Biodiesel


Minneapolis, Minn.—Jan. 3, 2012— Minnesota Soybean is looking to make biodiesel a household name this year through both consumer and stakeholder-focused initiatives. Their new biodiesel campaign provides an opportunity to highlight its many benefits and simultaneously create some public biodiesel buzz. Through eye-catching and fun, educational efforts, Minnesota Soybean is spreading the word about biodiesel as America’s only advanced biofuel.

One of the first initiatives to promote biodiesel was held on Sunday, December 30, and targeted Minnesota Vikings fans tailgating before the football game. The event highlighted the benefits of biodiesel for both farmers and non-farmers. Tailgating fun consisted of games, prizes and food along with the opportunity for Vikings Fans to interact with Minnesota farmers that help produce the soybeans used to create biodiesel!

“It is our job, as farmers, to educate consumers about the benefits of biodiesel so that’s why I came out to promote biodiesel at the tailgating event. It’s important to me and my family and I want others to know that,” commented Chris Hill, a Minnesota Soybean farmer who helped talk to football fans about biodiesel.

Around 200 fans stopped by the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC) tent to enjoy brats, sponsored by Minnesota Pork, play games and learn about America’s only advanced biofuel. The tailgating lot provided a  unique venue and fun atmosphere to talk to fans. Minnesota farmers and biodiesel experts were there to talk firsthand about their experiences with biodiesel.

In conjunction with the biodiesel tailgating event, Minnesota Soybean is spreading the word about biodiesel through various other efforts.  In partnership with American Lung Association of Minnesota, Minnesota Soybean purchased bus wraps that feature biodiesel imagery and environmental messaging. With 10 buses wrapped and running continually throughout the Twin Cities through the middle of January, keep your eyes open for the “Breathe Easier” message!

Minnesota Soybean also had an ATV wrapped with biodiesel messaging that will be on display at events such as The Saint Paul Winter Carnival Parade. Reaching consumers in an unexpected way brings the reality of biodiesel (and in cold weather for those disbelievers) to everyday life.

The most extensive aspect of Minnesota Soybean’s biodiesel initiatives is a comprehensive, targeted advertising campaign. The campaign includes TV spots in the Minneapolis market, cable programming and PBS news issue shows. Starting in mid-January and running for a month, the spots will focus on how biodiesel is better for the environment, as well as the benefits it can bring to the economy in job creation, advanced performance and energy independence. Print ads in a variety of publications and locations will carry the same message.  

The Biodiesel industry creates more than 39,000 U.S. jobs with a production of over 1.1 billion gallons last year. Biodiesel performance is a highlight as a land speed record of 182-mph was reached in a B20 biodiesel-powered Ford Super Duty pick-up. It is also creating a more energy independent country as biodiesel production is cutting exports by three million gallons a day.

Minnesota is a national biodiesel leader, with its farmers investing their own money to support research, development and education in advancing biodiesel use. Biodiesel is now designated by the EPA as an advanced biofuel and has a stronger energy balance than other alternative fuels.

Biodiesel is an excellent option for diversifying the U.S. energy portfolio and furthering national energy security. A clean, domestic alternative fuel produced from readily available and sustainable feedstocks, including soybeans, biodiesel offers substantial economic and environmental benefits to Minnesota and the rest of the country.


Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council

The Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council is an elected board of 15 soybean producers from across the state. The mission of the council is to invest soybean checkoff dollars in well-defined research, marketing, education and commercialization programs designed to increase demand and thereby improve the profitability of Minnesota’s soybean farmers. For more information, visit http://www.mnsoybean.org.


To learn more about Minnesota biodiesel production visit: http://www.biodiesel.mn or read R.E.A.L farm stories straight from Minnesota farmers by visiting http://www.TheRealStoryMN.com.