Monsanto and Valent Strengthen Roundup Rewards® Partnership, Reinforce Support for Soybean Farmers to Help Reduce Risk

New for 2009, Valent U.S.A. Corporation and Monsanto Company announced an enhanced Roundup Rewards® offering to help farmers maintain strong yields in their soybean crops and further reduce their risk during uncertain conditions.

The START CLEAN, STAY CLEAN.™ Assurance Plan for Roundup Ready® soybeans program, now offers growers up to $13 in risk protection. Farmers who use Valor®, Valor XLT or Gangster® residual herbicides followed by Roundup WeatherMAX®, at the proper timing, can receive up to $13 per acre if their field requires a second in-crop treatment in a season.

“This season farmers saw excellent control of tough weeds with our Roundup Rewards program,” said Curt Uebele, Monsanto Roundup Marketing Manager. “Growers have found the combination of Valent’s residual herbicides and Roundup help them start clean and stay clean to maximize yields in a Roundup Ready system. By continuing to offer Valor, Valor XLT and Gangster as part of Monsanto’s START CLEAN, STAY CLEAN. Assurance Plan farmers will be able to maintain their strong weed management program and minimize the selection pressure for resistant weeds. The support of $13 per acre provides farmers greater peace of mind to take a program approach to weed control.”

In addition to battling tough weeds, the two companies are collaborating to fight the increasing presence of yield-robbing volunteer corn. Valent and Monsanto renewed their partnership on the Volunteer Roundup Ready® Corn 2 Cost-Share Allowance program. Farmers who use Valent’s Select Max® Herbicide with Inside Technology™ to control volunteer Roundup Ready Corn 2 in Roundup Ready soybeans can receive up to $3.90 per acre through the program.

“Both the START CLEAN, STAY CLEAN. Assurance Plan and the Volunteer Roundup Ready Corn 2 Cost-Share Allowance program help farmers protect their herbicide investments while protecting their crops against tough weeds and volunteer corn,” said Jamie Nielson, Valent Brand Manager.


Monsanto and Valent recommend Roundup Ready soybean farmers use the following herbicide program to keep fields clean throughout the season:

• Start clean with a burndown herbicide or tillage.

• Residuals: Apply a qualifying soybean residual herbicide such as Valor, Valor XLT, Gangster or INTRRO® at the Roundup Ready RATE™.

• In-crop: Apply a a minimum of 22 oz per acre of Roundup WeatherMAX® herbicide or Roundup PowerMAX® herbicide before weeds exceed 8 inches in height.

• Report unsatisfactory weed control to your Monsanto authorized retailer between 14 and 21 days after treatment.

Farmers will receive up to $13.00/A, if qualified as a Roundup WeatherMAX farmer or up to $5.50/A if qualified as a Roundup PowerMAX farmer.