Data Shows This Next-Generation Technology Will Deliver A 7 To 11 Percent Yield Advantage For Soybean Farmers

ST. LOUIS (July 31, 2007) - Roundup RReady2Yield(tm) soybean, a next generation of Roundup Ready® soybean with an improved yield benefit, has completed the regulatory process in the United States and Canada, Monsanto Company announced today. The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have all granted approvals, completing the final step in each country's regulatory process. These approvals mark an important step forward bringing this next-generation technology one step closer to farmers' fields.

Although approvals to plant the improved soybean seeds have been granted, Monsanto, in keeping with its stewardship pledge, does not intend to commercialize the product until key soybean importing countries with functioning regulatory systems have granted import approvals. Monsanto has submitted regulatory filings and is currently awaiting approvals from key soybean export markets. The company anticipates a commercial launch prior to the end of the decade, once appropriate import authorizations are obtained.

"We are always looking for new products that provide value and benefit to growers, and we eagerly anticipate bringing a substantial yield benefit to the Roundup Ready system that growers have embraced over the past 11 years," said Ernesto Fajardo, Vice President of U.S. Crop Production for Monsanto. "In addition to the simple, dependable, flexible and reliable weed control and crop safety benefits provided by the Roundup Ready system, growers will be able to improve their bottom line by producing more bushels per acre."

Three years of field comparisons have demonstrated that Roundup RReady2Yield soybeans show a 7 to 11 percent yield advantage over a comparable first-generation Roundup Ready line. In addition, data collected during the first year of large-scale breeding comparisons representing more than 15,000 lines and hundreds of genetic backgrounds showed performance of Roundup RReady2Yield soybean lines within the 7 to 11 percent range of increase over comparable Roundup Ready lines in the same development phase. This improved product produces the same protein that has allowed soybean growers to use Roundup® agricultural herbicides over the top of their Roundup Ready soybeans and will continue to provide the simple, dependable and flexible weed control and crop safety that growers expect from Monsanto's Roundup Ready system.

Roundup RReady2Yield soybeans represent an important base from which Monsanto will introduce its portfolio of next-generation technologies in soybeans - including dicamba tolerant and intrinsic yield soybeans. Monsanto's research in both breeding and biotechnology, including technologies like Roundup RReady2Yield, highlights one way the company is supporting U.S. farmers as they meet the world's growing demand for food, feed and fuel.

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