Monty’s Plant Food Company Introduces AgrihanceTM Nutrient Management Line


Louisville, Ky. — Growers and farmers across the country will have a new set of tools to help boost their yields this spring. Monty’s Plant Food Company, manufacturer of plant and soil enhancement and specialty products for the agriculture industry, has introduced Agrihance, a three-step nutrient management program to promote crop growth from planting to harvest.

The new line of nutrient management products features three products—Agrihance-S,-V and -R—to promote growth during three key stages: Starter at planting, VegetativeandReproductive. All three Agrihance products are based upon Monty’s proven proprietary technologies and are specially formulated to assist crop growth at the various stages.

“We wanted to give growers a simple three-step nutrient management program that is both easy to use and provided return on investment,” said Dennis Stephens, president, Monty’s Plant Food Company. “The Agrihance line will work on most crops and we know growers will appreciate its convenience.”

Agrihance-S is a seed starter that is designed to create the environment for rapid germination, seedling vigor, root development and stamina. It can be applied in the row on the seed, 2x2 or when transplanting.

Agrihance-Vis a foliar plant food designed to deliver readily available nutrients to your crop during the vegetative stage to increase vegetative growth and yield. Agrihance-V may also assist during stress periods increasing opportunities for maximized yields.

Agrihance-R is also a foliar plant food. It is designed to deliver nutrients to improve the maturation process during the reproductive stage, develop and maintain blooms, increase fruit set and grain development.

Both Agrihance -V and –R are foliar applied at a rate of 32 to 64 ounces per acre. The products offer Monty’s signature Tank-Mix Flexibility™ and are compatible with most agricultural products, such as micro-nutrients, adjuvants, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, for maximum crop management.

Agrihance-S, -V and -R are available in 2.5, 30 and 275 gallon sizes.

For more information about Agrihance or other Monty’s Plant Food Company products, contact your certified crop adviser or visit