Monty’s Plant Food Company Partners with OrganoCat to Bring New Products to Market


Louisville, Ky. — Monty’s Plant Food Company, a leading marketer and manufacturer of soil enhancement and plant fertility programs, has entered into an exclusive agreement with OrganoCat to bring new products to market in the agriculture and commercial growing industry.  

OrganoCat is a green science and technology company focused on developing innovative materials, processes and applications to optimize performance, build soil and plant structure and improve crop yields.  

The agreement gives Monty’s the exclusive rights to market new technologies in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America. The technologies will be developed under the leadership of Dr. Alexander Shulgin, a leading scientist in the field of soil biology and remediation. A native of the former Soviet Union, Dr. Shulgin shares more than 50 patents.

Monty’s core product line uses proprietary and innovative Active Humic Technology to maximize a farmer’s yield.  Since 1999, Monty’s products have contained active humics developed with Dr. Shulgin. His office and lab are located at the Monty’s headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dr. Shulgin will continue to have an important role in the organization’s research and development efforts and in the validation of claims. His technology will continue to be used in Monty’s core products as well as in new products under development.

This agreement will help bring new products developed by Dr. Shulgin’s team to market more quickly and more efficiently using a systematic approach to get products from the lab into the field for testing on the Monty’s Research Farm.

“We have a substantial network of dealers and growers who are very interested in new, sustainable products,” said Kevin Voss, chief executive officer, Monty’s Plant Food Company. “We are on the forefront of some significant new developments and we are excited to help farmers who can use the environmental benefits of those products to their advantage.”

Over the past three years, OrganoCat has invested heavily in new technology development, which will be brought to market by Monty’s. Projects currently under development include new, patent-pending stabilized and buffered NPK formulations.  In addition, non-ionic humic products are being developed that will offer a truly sustainable solution for delivering nutrients to crops while mitigating the negative impacts on soil biology.

“This agreement is the beginning of our efforts to attract other global sustainable technology companies developing products for the agriculture industry,” said Dennis Stephens, president, Monty’s Plant Food Company.  “We want to seek out and bring those innovations to our distribution network, getting new products into the marketplace that benefit our agricultural producers.”

Founded in 1997, Monty’s boasts strong field trial results and testimonials from growers throughout the country. Monty’s also offers plant and soil products for the horticulture, lawn and garden and turf industries.  


About Monty’s Plant Food Company

Monty’s Plant Food Company develops plant and soil solutions for growers around the world in the agriculture, horticulture, lawn and garden and turf industries. In each segment, Monty’s offer products and protocols to address specific needs and challenges. Founded in 1997, the Louisville, Kentucky-based company’s products are effective, environmentally sound and economically feasible.  For more information about Monty’s plant, soil and specialty products, visit or