Mustang Seeds News Release

Mustang Seeds, Inc announces that it will be applying the product TJ QuickRoots® on its corn hybrids on a customer order basis. QuickRoots® is a patented (Patent # 6,808,917) biological seed treatment product that can increase corn hybrid performance by increasing the availability of some nutrients, such as Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. Nutrient release is accomplished through a novel enzyme process that converts nutrients to plant available form.

Higher nutrient intake by the plant has been documented when QuickRoots® is used. Increased root development occurs as a result of soil nutrient release, especially Phosphorous, allowing the plant root to explore a greater volume of soil. QuickRoots® has a proven yield response of 8 bushels per acre on corn and is available for other crops such as soybeans, sunflowers, wheat and others.

Mustang Seeds, is a family-owned company headquartered in Madison, South Dakota. The company has provided performance proven seed products for over 40 years to growers in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, and North Dakota. Learn more about Mustang Seeds at

QuickRoots® is a product of TJ Technologies, Inc. of Brookings, SD. You can more about QuickRoots® at