Mycogen Seeds Announces Six Additional Corn Hybrids for 2009 Planting

INDIANAPOLIS –– Feb. 4, 2009 –– Mycogen Seeds has announced it is releasing six additional new corn hybrids available in limited supply for 2009 planting. The six new hybrids include one new SILAGE-SPECIFIC™ TMF hybrid.

“We are please to present these new MYCOGEN brand corn hybrids in addition to the new hybrids announced last fall,” says Keith Porter, Mycogen Seeds agronomy services leader. “These impressive new hybrids will add even more diversity to the high-yielding Mycogen Seeds product line-up.”

The MYCOGEN® brand corn lineup includes hybrids with a wide range of relative maturities, agronomic characteristics and stacked trait technologies.

New Hybrids

• A tall, attractive 83-day hybrid, 2D140, has good early season vigor, as well as good late-season health and plant integrity for late harvest. It is best suited for moderately high to high plant populations and features strong drought-stress tolerance in tough growing conditions. 2D140 also delivers rapid grain drydown upon reaching blacklayer and has very good foliar disease tolerance.

• As a HERCULEX® I and Roundup Ready® hybrid, 2C302 delivers strong yield performance with strong roots, good fall health and ear retention. It performs consistently across a wide range of soil types and management practices, including reduced tillage systems. It is best planted as a moderate to full-season hybrid in a corn/soybean rotation.

• A medium-tall YieldGard VT Triple™ hybrid, 2Y547 provides very competitive yields in 100- to 105-day growing conditions. It has very good standability, wide east to west adaptation and offers good tolerance to northern corn leaf blight and eyespot. This hybrid responds to top management and higher plant densities. 2Y547 has excellent early season vigor, which makes it a good choice for early season planting.

• Hybrid 2E696 has good stalk strength and root system, giving it good late-season intactness. It has shown good performance from east to west in 108- to 112-day maturities and responds well to intensive management practices. Hybrid 2E696 does well at medium-high to high populations and has very good Goss’s wilt tolerance. It performs best when planted after soybeans, and a fungicide application is recommended in a corn-on-corn rotation.

2H735 is a 112-day Roundup Ready hybrid featuring a very girthy ear style, which is consistent down the row. It will perform best when planted after soybeans, which helps lower the incidence of gray leaf spot, in addition to its good tolerance to Goss’ wilt. 2H735 responds well to high densities, good fertility, fungicide treatments and irrigation.

• This tall, robust silage hybrid is a full-season YieldGard VT Triple hybrid that is especially adapted for the East, Southeast and Southwest silage markets. TMF 2L831 has a high flex ear that provides top tonnage when planted at moderate populations. It has good gray leaf spot tolerance and very good root strength.

MYCOGEN brand hybrids are constructed using elite genetics and only the best characteristics to perform strong right from the start and stand up to even the toughest conditions. To make sure growers can count on strong yields, hybrids are rigorously tested all across the Corn Belt.

“Mycogen Seeds is committed to providing new solutions for growers,” Porter concludes. “Our corn hybrids are extensively field-tested and built for higher yield performance and bigger harvests.”

For more information about these new grain corn hybrids or other MYCOGEN brand products, contact your local Mycogen Seeds dealer or sales representative, or visit