Mycogen Seeds Introduces 25 New Grain Corn Hybrids for 2012


INDIANAPOLIS — Mycogen Seeds is introducing 25 new grain corn hybrids for the 2012 growing season, including and 9 new SmartStax hybrids and 5 new Dow AgroSciences REFUGE ADVANCED powered by SmartStax® hybrids.
“Mycogen Seeds offers growers the latest technology in the very best germplasm,” says Hank King, senior grain corn marketing specialist, Mycogen Seeds. “Our market-leading technologies are available in products that have been tested extensively for performance to help our growers achieve higher whole farm yield potential.”

Featured new SmartStax hybrids
MYCOGEN® hybrids with SmartStax feature the broadest spectrum of insect protection through multiple modes of action. They reduce refuge requirements from 20 percent to 5 percent in the Corn Belt and help growers to maximize whole-farm yield potential.1

  • 2E266 is an 88-day SmartStax hybrid with strong emergence and early vigor, making it a good choice for reduced tillage systems. 2E266 has excellent fall health and late-season plant integrity with optimal performance in aggressive plant populations.
  • 2T496 is a high-yielding 100-day SmartStax hybrid that is adapted to a wide range of soil types and environments. It is an excellent choice for continuous corn. 2T496 tolerates lower moisture environments, making it a good option for sandy soil types. With strong emergence and early vigor, 2T496 is an excellent choice for reduced tillage systems and early planting.
  • 2R547is a 104-day SmartStax hybrid with strong stalks and excellent roots. The medium/tall hybrid has top-end yield potential with consistent, girthy ears that fill to the tip. 2R547 is widely adapted across variable soil types and environments. It has very good fall staygreen and is a strong choice for all crop rotations or continuous corn.
  • 2V676 is a medium/tall 108-day high yielding SmartStax hybrid with consistent, moderate-sized ears. 2V676 provides good tolerance to northern corn leaf blight, gray leaf spot and Goss’s wilt. This hybrid is primarily adapted for western and central Corn Belt.
  • 2H727 is a 111-day SmartStax hybrid with excellent yield potential. 2H727 performs best in a corn/soybean rotation, but also is adapted for continuous corn systems. The medium/tall hybrid has consistent, girthy ears down the row and responds well to high management practices. This hybrid is best-adapted to the eastern and central Corn Belt.

Featured new REFUGE ADVANCED hybrids
REFUGE ADVANCED is a convenient, single-bag solution to ensure refuge compliance in the Corn Belt.2 It contains a blend of 95 percent SmartStax seed and 5 percent
non-insect-traited, agronomically similar refuge seed. This allows refuge plants to be uniformly distributed throughout the field, removing the need for structured refuge acres.

  • 2A400, a 95-day REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid, offers a solid agronomic package including strong roots and high Goss’s wilt tolerance. Excellent emergence and early vigor make this hybrid very well adapted to reduced tillage systems. 2A400 has top-end yield potential combined with yield stability under moderate- to high-yield environments.
  • 2H568, a 104-day REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid, has good east-to-west performance. 2H568 responds well to intensive management practices and has top-end yield potential. With semiflexible ears and medium ear placement, it has good late-season intactness.
  • 2K595, a 105-day REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid, is a high-yielding hybrid that is widely adapted with very good stalk and root strength. Excellent emergence and early vigor make this hybrid a great choice for early planting and reduced tillage systems. The hybrid has good plant health and tolerance to gray leaf spot and is an excellent choice for continuous corn.
  • 2V709, a 110-day REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid, has top-end yield potential in high-yield environments. Well-adapted to the heat and drought stresses of the western Corn Belt, 2V709 performs well in continuous corn but prefers corn/soybean rotations. It has medium plant height with medium-low ear placement and excellent husk coverage.
  • 2D747, a 111-day REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid, with moderately low full-flex ears, allows for adaptation to lower plant populations. This medium/tall hybrid is well-adapted to the stresses of the western Corn Belt. 2D747 has top-end yield potential that responds well to high management practices.

Advanced technology for a great value
“In a competitive corn marketplace, Mycogen Seeds is committed to providing growers with the latest trait technologies at a great overall value versus other brand alternatives,” King says.

For more information about these new grain corn hybrids or other MYCOGEN brand products, contact your local Mycogen Seeds dealer or sales representative, or visit