Mycogen Seeds Launches 14 New MYCOGEN® SmartStax™ Corn Hybrids for 2010

INDIANAPOLIS — August 26, 2009 — On the heels of registration of SmartStax™ from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Mycogen Seeds announces 14 new elite MYCOGEN® SmartStax hybrids, including 12 grain corn hybrids and two MYCOGEN brand SILAGE-SPECIFIC™ corn hybrids.

The new MYCOGEN SmartStax hybrids will deliver the broadest spectrum of insect control in the latest genetics. Growers will experience a yield advantage due to the reduced refuge requirements, since MYCOGEN SmartStax hybrids require a 5 percent refuge instead of the traditional 20 percent requirement for first-generation Bt traits.*

“Growers can maximize profits by planting MYCOGEN SmartStax hybrids. Our lineup offers a wide selection, so growers can find the right hybrids for their unique on-farm situations,” says Keith Porter, agronomy services manager, Mycogen Seeds.

New MYCOGEN SmartStax Grain Corn Hybrids

There are 12 new MYCOGEN® SmartStax grain corn hybrids, including six headliners:

  • 2H490 offers strong roots, good stress tolerance and a consistent semi-flex ear type. These offensive and defensive characteristics allow it to have top-end performance across a wide variety of soil types, planting densities and tillage practices.
  • A high-yielding hybrid with excellent emergence, 2H523 has early vigor for early planting and reduced tillage situations. A tall, attractive hybrid, 2H523 produces girthy ears with 18 to 20 kernel rows and offers good stalks and very good roots.
  • Widely adapted across the Corn Belt, 2K594 has outstanding emergence and early vigor for no-till or early planting. A taller hybrid, it has very good stalks and roots and finishes with an attractive late-season appearance. 2K594 provides very good tolerance to gray leaf spot and northern corn leaf blight.
  • 2A688 is a medium-height hybrid with very good stalks and roots. It produces medium-length, very girthy ears with moderate test weight grain. This 110-day hybrid is best-adapted from the Missouri River east across Iowa, Illinois and Indiana.
  • Performing at its best when grown as a full-season hybrid in high-yield environments, 2D692 is a medium-tall hybrid that produces medium-length, very blocky ears with deep grain. 2D692 is widely adapted across central and eastern growing regions.
  • 2K679 is an offensive hybrid with very high yield potential. It produces consistent ears with a good combination of girth and length. It performs best in favorable high-yield environments. 2K679 responds to intensive management practices, such as high fertility and irrigation, and is widely adapted across 110-day growing environments.

New MYCOGEN SmartStax TMF Silage Hybrids

In addition to the full grain corn lineup, Mycogen Seeds offers two MYCOGEN SmartStax TMF silage hybrids for growers interested in greater digestibility and increased milk production, along with maximum tonnage:

  • A tall hybrid with a medium-high ear placement, TMF2Q717 also has excellent eye appeal, fall staygreen and very good reliability for silage production. The excellent gray leaf spot tolerance of TMF2Q717 makes it a strong choice for eastern silage producers.
  • TMF2R522 is a nonleafy hybrid that provides high tonnage. It offers very good gray leaf spot tolerance and excellent standability. TMF2R522 shows a strong, positive response to intensive management practices.

MYCOGEN SmartStax hybrids have built-in protection, all season, from both above- and below-ground corn pests, including earworm, fall armyworm, western bean cutworm and rootworm. Its multiple modes of action attack pests at two locations in the midgut, making it much more difficult for insects to develop resistance to the technology.