Mycogen Seeds Launches New Website Site Features Products, Performance and People

INDIANAPOLIS — Oct. 4, 2010 — Mycogen Seeds has launched a redesigned website to help growers make well-informed decisions about their MYCOGEN® brand seed purchases. The focus of the website is “Localized Products, Performance and People.”

“The all-new, easy-to-navigate was built with suggestions from numerous grower focus groups. The site helps growers make seed purchase decisions by providing quick access to local product and performance data, as well as contact information for their sales and agronomy team,” says Stephen Smith, Mycogen Seeds sales leader.

The site features new tools and functionality that allow growers to find pertinent product information based on their geographic location. Growers can use the Product Finder tool to find hybrids based on the traits and relative maturity that best match their needs. Once the product recommendations have been returned, growers will be able to see yield results for those products — from products planted right next door to within a 200-mile radius of their location.

Head-to-head comparisons with hybrids from other companies also are featured on the new site.

The website provides detailed ratings for emergence, stalk strength, disease tolerance, as well as additional management guidelines for each product.

Mycogen Seeds is a retail seed company of Dow AgroSciences LLC and a developer and marketer of leading corn hybrids, the market leader in SILAGE-SPECIFICcorn hybrids and sunflower hybrids, as well as an industry leader in canola, alfalfa, soybeans and sorghum. For more information about MYCOGEN brand products, visit

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