Mycogen Seeds Offers 13 New Soybean Lines

INDIANAPOLIS — August 10, 2009 — Mycogen Seeds announces a robust soybean portfolio for the 2010 growing season, including 13 new soybean lines. The company’s continued emphasis on providing top-notch soybeans is now backed by a growing investment in research and development, allowing Mycogen Seeds to offer soybeans with the leading trait offerings.

The MYCOGEN® brand soybean lineup now includes the most recent technology in the industry, Genuity™ Roundup Ready 2 Yield™. Four elite MYCOGEN brand soybean varieties incorporate this trait combination to help growers maximize their soybean yield potential. This is in addition to nine new soybean products containing Roundup Ready® technology.

“Growers can realize strong yields with optimum weed control, since all of our lines feature either Roundup Ready or Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield technology,” says John Kalthoff, Mycogen Seeds marketing specialist. “And, growers can look forward to even more added trait performance and new products in the future.”

Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield Soybean Lines

  • 5N283R2 is a high yield potential line that performs well in all row widths and tillage systems. A great defensive package and excellent emergence will protect yields of 5N283R2 across many soil types and conditions.
  • Equipped with a great defensive package, 5N303R2 is a high yield potential line that performs in many environments. Its branching plant type yields best in wide rows and lower populations.
  • 5N321R2 offers high yields, great agronomics and a solid defensive package, delivering excellent performance in a wide range of environments. 5N321R2 has solid results across the Midwest, especially in Illinois and the Eastern States.
  • Performing well in all row widths, 5N384R2 has high yield potential, with outstanding performance across Missouri, Iowa and Illinois. 5N384R2 fits diverse environmental conditions and a wide range of soil types.

Roundup Ready Soybean Lines

  • 5A004RR is a Mid-Group 00 variety with great agronomics for the upper Red River Valley. 5A004RR features excellent tolerance to iron deficiency chlorosis and white mold. A strong performer in early growing areas of the Dakotas and Minnesota, this line is a great choice for narrow rows.
  • Yield potential with a very good defensive package make 5N142RR a product of choice in Mid-Group I maturity. Excellent emergence, great standability and medium branching plant type allow good performance in all row widths.
  • 5N222RR is a high-yielding line with soybean cyst nematode protection. Good standability and emergence with a medium-bushy plant type provide great performance in all row widths and tillage systems. Best suited to central and western areas where cyst nematode is a problem.
  • A tall, rugged variety, 5N250RR handles stress well. Very good disease tolerance allows for this variety to be planted across a wide geography. 5N250RR performs best in wide rows and lower populations in order to take advantage of its height and medium-bushy plant type.
  • 5N263RR is a strong Mid-Group 2 with soybean cyst nematode resistance. It features very good standability, performing well in all row widths. 5N263RR has wide east to west adaptation with the best performance West of Mississippi.
  • 5N311RR is a high-yielding line that is a great choice where cyst and sudden death syndrome are problems. Its plant type allows for good performance in all row widths with a greater advantage in wide rows and tougher soils. While performing best in the East, 5N311RR still maintains yield potential for all environments.
  • Featuring a strong defensive package, 5N340RR includes tolerance to sudden death syndrome and strong resistance to soybean cyst nematode, while maintaining competitive yields. This tall plant line, with very good standability, works well in all row widths. It also provides both genetic resistance and strong field tolerance to Phytophthora.
  • 5N392RR is a Late Group 3 soybean cyst nematode resistant line that fits a wide range of cropping systems. High yields, stress tolerance and disease tolerance, are a few of this product’s many strong qualities. The addition of stacked Roundup Ready herbicide tolerance makes 5N392RR an excellent performing crop east to west.
  • 5N450RR has very high yield potential in favorable environments. Its standability is very good and 5N450RR performs well in all row widths. This branchy, taller plant type moves across many soils including Missouri, southern Illinois, southern Indiana and Kentucky.

Because of Mycogen Seed’s increased commitment to soybeans, all soybean lines will now be sold under the MYCOGEN® brand. In previous years, the soybeans carried the Atlas brand.

“We are proud to offer growers a high return on their investment and personalized service, in addition to high-yielding soybean lines,” Kalthoff says. “Growers can be confident when they choose MYCOGEN brand soybeans. They will be pleased with the outcome.”

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