Mycogen Seeds Offers Syngenta Avicta® Complete Corn on Select Hybrids

INDIANAPOLIS, IND. and GREENSBORO, N.C. – Mycogen Seeds announced today that it will offer Avicta® Complete Corn nematicide/insecticide/fungicide seed treatment on select MYCOGEN brand SmartStax®hybrids for the 2011 planting season. 

Mycogen Seeds will offer Avicta Complete Corn on select SmartStax grain corn and silage corn hybrids from 97- to 114-day relative maturity. Specific hybrids include 2P486, 2H566, 2J597, F2F626, 2D744, 2V738 and 2P768. 


“Mycogen Seeds strives to offer our grower customers the most advanced technology on the market,” said Hank King, Mycogen Seeds grain corn marketing specialist. “In 2011, corn growers will have the ultimate combination available to maximize yield potential – MYCOGEN brand SmartStax hybrids protected by Avicta Complete Corn seed treatment.”


Avicta Complete Corncombines Avicta seed treatment nematicide with Cruiser®, the industry-leading seed treatment insecticide brand, and Maxim® Quattro seed treatment fungicide. Maxim Quattro is the newest innovation in the industry-leading corn seed treatment fungicide portfolio from Syngenta Seedcare. Avicta Complete Corn provides immediate, reliable protection against nematodes, insects and diseases for increased emergence and vigor, ultimately to protect the genetic yield potential of each seed.


“To maximize yield potential, it is important to provide protection against yield-damaging pests from day one,” said Mark Jirak, crop manager, Syngenta Seedcare. “Avicta Complete Corn provides complete, reliable seed protection and begins to work instantly, and continues throughout the early vegetative growth stages when the plant is most vulnerable. Corn growers planting MYCOGEN SmartStax hybrids treated with Avicta Complete Corn can rest assured they are protecting their advanced trait and genetic technology with the most effective seed treatment offering available today.”

With more than 30 years of experience and proven products that have been used on millions of acres, Syngenta Seedcare is the clear leader in innovative seed treatment solutions. Syngenta Seedcare products are backed by years of research, skilled scientists, state-of-the-art research centers and knowledgeable sales representatives to offer its customers the best products and services available. From the beginning, Syngenta Seedcare has been committed to providing the most advanced seed treatment portfolio on the market, a vision that has made the business a leader in seed treatment technology, and will allow it to remain ahead of the competition for years to come.

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