Nebraska Tractor Test Lab Confirms AGCO's Fuel Efficiency Advantage

DULUTH, GA (February 8, 2010) — Test results recently released by the University of Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory confirm the new line of 205 to 275 PTO horsepower rowcrop tractors from AGCO introduced in 2009 offers the greatest fuel efficiency among tractors of this category on the market. This includes the Challenger® MT600C Series, Massey Ferguson® 8600 Series and the AGCO® DT Series machines powered by the AGCO SISU POWER™ 8.4 L engine with e3™ selective catalytic reduction (SCR) clean-air technology and featuring AGCO's heavy-duty continuously variable transmission (CVT) with industry-exclusive Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM).

"The fuel efficiency test results validated and released by the Nebraska lab are a strong confirmation that the new technologies AGCO is developing and incorporating into its high horsepower diesel tractors are the right combination for meeting both the United States Environmental Protection Agency emissions standards and growers' needs for power, reliability and fuel efficiency," says Jason Hoult, product marketing manager for high horsepower rowcrop tractors at AGCO.

"Emission control technologies often decrease fuel efficiency. When put to the test against comparable tractors from other leading manufacturers, our AGCO SISU POWER engine with e3 clean-air technology, CVT and tractor management system delivered fuel efficiency from 4 percent to as much as 17 percent better than other tractors in this category – that's exciting," adds Hoult, "and it's proof of our pledge to bring customers clean-air compliance without compromise."

A true measure of efficiency The test results report from Nebraska compared all four models within each AGCO, Challenger and Massey Ferguson Series to competitive tractors. Rather than simply measuring fuel consumption in gallons per hour to evaluate fuel efficiency, the evaluation also took into consideration engine displacement and load. The resulting measurement of Horsepower Hour per Gallon (HP divided by HR/GAL) represents the horsepower produced for every gallon of fuel burned per hour. The higher the horsepower hour per gallon, the more fuel efficient the tractor is.

"Horsepower hour per gallon really provides a more accurate picture of fuel efficiency and how the tractor will perform in the field," Hoult explains. "The results vary within each series, but across the board the tractors from AGCO outperformed the competition. They offer an excellent combination of power, environmental compliance and fuel efficiency."

More information on the studies is available at AGCO, Challenger and Massey Ferguson dealers as well as at the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory website: or visit the AGCO e3 website The Nebraska lab is the officially designated tractor testing station for the United States and tests tractors according to the codes of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

AGCO is the first agriculture machinery manufacturer to feature e3 SCR clean-air technology in tractors, having introduced the technology in early 2009. Engineers at AGCO selected SCR technology to meet the EPA's standards for off-road diesel engines because SCR is a post-combustion process that doesn't interfere with the engine's ability to provide power. This simple and proven process was originally used to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx ) and particulate matter (PM) from coal-fired power plants and has been widely used in the trucking industry. Benefits of SCR technology include reduced heat production, more efficient engine function, greater component reliability and better fuel economy which means lower carbon dioxide emissions. The technology also lowers particulate emissions but adds nothing to the cost of tractors from AGCO.