New AccuBoomTM Remote Section Control!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – Raven Industries introduces a new AccuBoom Remote Control add-on that saves time and money by allowing the user to turn each boom section on and off from outside the cab. No more jumping in and out of the cab while the sprayer is dumping costly chemicals. The new remote is fast and simple for on-the-spot savings and convenience.

Remote Section Control

AccuBoom Features:

• Automatic individual boom section control

• Set up non-spray zones and field boundaries

• Eliminate wasteful overlaps

• Compatible with most self-propelled and pull-type sprayers

Remote Section Control Features:

• Extended option for AccuBoom section control systems

• Terrific for checking and maintaining spray tips and nozzles

• Saves time, energy, and chemicals

• Simplifies pre-spray inspections and winterizing

• Ensures optimum spray coverage and performance

• Eliminates the need for a second person on the ground or in the cab

• Powerful wireless RF Transmitter

• Package includes:

• Remote

• Batteries

• Holster to mount in the cab

• Instruction sheet

Any Questions?

Contact your local Raven branded dealer, Raven Industries at 800.243.5435, or our website for more information.