New Channel Seed Brand to Offer Farmers Higher Standard of Performance and Service

HUXLEY, Iowa (August 26, 2009) Channel Bio Corp.’s group of regional seed

brands is being elevated into a new, premier Channel brand committed to providing

farmers the highest-level customer experience in the industry.

“Through the years, we’ve found that successful farmers desire an adviser who

can provide a customer experience that increases their probability of achieving success,”

said Jim Zimmer, Channel Bio’s chief executive officer. “As farming becomes more

complex and challenging, we believe Channel is uniquely suited to offer this kind of

customer relationship.”

“Seedsmanship” is central to Channel’s customer-first philosophy. The term

refers to how the brand evaluates, produces and sells its seed products, including the

seed professionals who provide sales and service support based on an in-depth

understanding of their customers’ farming operations.

With this philosophy in mind, Zimmer said Channel is positioned to offer farmers

the industry’s best-performing products and most innovative services. This comes

through access to parent company Monsanto’s leading genetics, traits and seed

treatment technologies, as well as value-added services to meet customers’ varying


The customer service for which Channel Bio is known will be enhanced under the

new Channel brand. “With employees and resellers working directly with farmers, we

have the ability to deliver industry-leading seedsmanship to support farmer success

throughout the planting, growing and harvesting seasons, field-by-field,” Zimmer said.

Focusing Energy and Resources

Channel Bio’s three regional brands, Crow’s Hybrids, Midwest Seed Genetics

and NC+ Hybrids, are expected to be fully migrated into the new Channel brand by next


“The legacy of our three strong regional brands will be preserved in Channel,

including their extensive offerings of hybrids and varieties,” said Zimmer. “However, one

Channel brand will allow us to better focus our energy and resources to deliver a new

standard of performance and service. It will also enable Channel to simplify and

streamline our business and more efficiently manage our product lineup.”

Zimmer said a single, premier brand also means that Channel will have more

resources and capabilities than the three regional brands could provide separately.


Channel brand will be elevated in the marketplace and has the opportunity to become

one of the industry’s top tier seed brands,” he said.

2010 Product Lineup

For the 2010 season, all Channel products with Monsanto’s Genuity™ traits

(SmartStax™ corn, VT Triple PRO™ corn and Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybeans)

will be delivered in Channel bags. All other Channel products will be delivered in legacy

brand (Crow’s, NC+ or Midwest Seed Genetics) bags for 2010 planting.

Channel Bio Corp. is an independent operating company wholly owned by

Monsanto. The company markets corn, soybean, sorghum and alfalfa seed through fulltime

sales representatives and a reseller network working directly with growers

throughout most of the U.S. corn, soybean and sorghum growing areas. Channel is a

brand of Channel Bio Corp. For additional information, please go to