New corn herbicide safener in development

Last spring, corn growers were challenged by an unusually harsh Mother Nature, resulting in late planting and replanting across the Midwest, along with numerous weed-control challenges as well.

A new herbicide safener from Bayer CropScience will help address these early season, weed-control issues in the future. Called the Crop Safety Innovation (CSI) Safener™, it will provide growers with a high level of crop protection as part of the formulation in new products, such as upcoming Balance®FLEXX and Corvus™ herbicides.

The CSI safener is a novel chemistry that enhances the natural ability of corn plants to tolerate herbicide activity.

“The CSI safener will work with the plant systemically, through soil and foliar uptake, to help speed-up the metabolic activity,” says Brent Philbrook, Bayer CropScience product development manager. “That provides a high level of safety for the plants as the herbicides work.”

Growers will gain more than just systemic safening activity from CSI. It also increases the flexibility of application timing, increases soil compatibility and maximizes root growth and plant health.

The CSI safener extends the timing of these herbicides, allowing for application at either pre-emergence or early postemergence.

“With our new herbicides, the CSI safener will expand the application window by approximately eight to 12 days,” Philbrook says.

“Because the safener is systemic, it works with the plant and protects its ability for the best possible root and foliage development,” Philbrook adds. “All of these benefits help get corn fields on the right track at the beginning of the season with healthy plants and weed-free beds.”