New Drago Series II Corn Heads Keep
Innovation Flowing


FENTON, Iowa (Nov. 27, 2012) — As advanced genetics raise yield potential for corn hybrids, Drago Corn Heads have raised the bar to optimize grain capture and manage increased material volume. The bar moves even higher with the introduction of the new Drago Series II Corn Head with Kernel Capture Technology — an innovative system that provides superior kernel flow and maximum grain savings.

“Drago Corn Heads are known for exceptional harvest quality and reduced shelling loss,” says Tom Shafer, VP Sales Director for Dragotec USA, Inc. “Kernel Capture Technology in the new Drago Series II takes this proven performance to the next level with enhancements that deliver a productive harvest under the toughest conditions.”

That’s exciting news for corn growers who struggled to salvage every kernel they could after the drought-plagued growing season of 2012. And it’s those conditions — variable plant size and down and tangled crops — where the Drago Series II is designed to really perform.

“Whether the goal is 150 or 300 bushels per acre, farmers want to harvest everything they grow, says Shafer. “The Drago Series II Corn Head with Kernel Capture Technology gives them the best chance to harvest every bit of their genetic investment, because when corn is paying the bills, every kernel counts.”

Intuitive Design Prevents Grain Escape

The newest aspect of Drago Kernel Capture Technology found in the Series II is the precision-fit Kernel Barrier placed at the base of the redesigned, snug bonnet and snout. This enhances smooth grain flow while preventing kernel loss for maximum grain retention. Drago Corn Heads have an industry-leading reputation because they are the only corn heads in the world to feature automatic self-adjusting deck plates. Spring pistons consistently adjust wide deck plates to securely fit the size of each incoming plant while centering the stalk for optimum ear removal.

With each pass through the field, the self-adjusting deck plates automatically make thousands of accurate, precise decisions for the operator — decisions that could add up to bushels per acre of yield savings.  Shafer points to university studies that show deck-plate gaps as slight as one-eighth of an inch can result in yield losses of up to four bushels an acre.

Longer Knife Rollers Reduce Bounce and Shelling

Drago low-velocity knife rollers featured in the Series II are up to 50 percent longer than those in traditional corn heads. “Length equals time,” explains Shafer. “Longer rolls and a lower profile give Drago Corn Heads more time to process the plant without reducing ground speed.”

An innovative knife-to-knife design pinches stalks, pulling them straight down to the auger at the slowest speeds in the industry, reducing ear bounce and butt shelling. Shafer adds that no-till farmers especially appreciate the pinch and pull function of the knife rollers, which breaks stalks down into the ideal size for cover residue. With the Drago Series II Corn Heads, stalk chopping is done after the ear is removed which is another feature that helps ensure grain capture and kernel integrity.

Kernel Capture Technology from Drago may be found through the entire product line including header options such as down-corn augers, tall corn kits, auger covers and flex fingers that help growers optimize equipment to match harvest conditions.

In high-residue situations, an optional, rear-mounted stalk chopper can easily be added to any Drago Series II model. The chopping system features Kernel Capture Technology to improve grain retention and chopping quality while supplying more options for residue sizing.

Low-Profile Head Captures What Others Miss

Kernel Capture Technology positions the Drago Series II Corn Head up to six degrees lower than the industry standard, allowing it to travel closer to down or tangled crops. New, wrench-free adjustment knobs are spring loaded making it easy to add extra down pressure to the snout when going after lodged corn.

The low-profile design gathers the hardest-to-reach grain in the field, and then gives those ears a smooth transition from the head to the auger. “Higher-set heads require ears to travel further at greater speeds,” explains Shafer. “Kernel Capture Technology creates a much smoother transition, gently pulling the ear into the auger and reducing ear bounce and butt shelling.”

Drago Series II Corn Heads with Kernel Capture Technology not only put more grain in the bin, their durable design, reduced maintenance and exceptional re-sell value add to a powerful return on investment. “Our customers say Drago Corn Heads more than pay for themselves over the course of their lifetime,” says Shafer.

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