Patented Manufacturing Process Delivers the Right Ratio of Nutrients at the Right Time

Plymouth, Minn. — Sept. 17, 2007 — A unique three-in-one crop nutrient designed to make every single plant perform better is now available from The Mosaic Company.

Called MicroEssentialsTM, the new product uses a patented manufacturing process to combine the correct ratios of different vital nutrients into uniform granules, with each granule formed much like the partial layers on an onion’s skin. Every MicroEssentials granule contains three critical nutrients — nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur — in a proper ratio, giving every single plant a better shot at getting essential nutrients it needs to produce the best results.

“MicroEssentials works better than other fertilizers for several reasons. First, the granules are formed in a way that allows plants to absorb them more easily. They also contain two types of sulfur, the sulfate form which is available immediately to the plants, and the elemental form which becomes available later in the growing season. The new technology allows the nutrients to be spread more uniformly, ensuring that each and every plant gets the nutrients it needs.

MicroEssentials is a versatile product that works well as a starter, a direct application fertilizer or bulk blend ingredient,” says Mosaic U.S. Agronomy Manager, Dr. Dan Froehlich.

Three Formulations

Mosaic has developed three different formulations with the new technology. MicroEssentials S15 (ME S15) is the perfect product for canola and forage crops that utilize nitrogen, phosphate and sulfur. ME S15 also supplies an economical solution to sulfur deficiencies that are the result of higher-yielding crops, a steady decline in the use of low analysis but high sulfur fertilizers and the decrease in free sulfuric acid that falls in rain. “There is a unique relationship between the sulfur and phosphorus that allows plants to take up 10 percent to 30 percent more phosphorus in addition to many other beneficial nutrients,” Froehlich says. ME S15 supplies nitrogen in the ammonium form that is favorable for the young plants, allowing the plants to be less dependent on the weather and, in turn, giving them more efficient storage capabilities. Studies have shown that ME S15 is a more effective fertilizer than MAP, displaying a 4.3 percent increase in wheat yield over a four-year period.

MicroEssentials SZ (ME SZ) is specially suited for grass crops like corn, wheat, rice and barley. This formulation contains nitrogen, phosphate, sulfur and zinc, with the sulfur and zinc evenly distributed throughout each granule. “Zinc is extremely critical for wheat and corn, and the Corn Belt has been found to be lacking adequate amounts of zinc,” Froehlich says. Tests have shown that ME SZ has increased yields by an average of 12.4 bu/A versus MAP and 14.7 bu/A versus DAP.

Finally, MicroEssentials S10 (ME S10) is a premium product that consists of nitrogen, phosphate and sulfur, however, it is blended in different ratios. ME S10 has been found to be most effective in areas where there has been a recognized need for sulfur, such as the eastern and

northeastern U.S. In comparison with MAP, ME S10 has proven to allow more efficient plant uptake of phosphorus, producing equal or better yields. ME S10 offers ease in handling and provides more stable storage characteristics, offering a significant advantage to dealers and growers alike, compared with MAP/AS blends.

Dealer and Grower Benefits

MicroEssentials provides an efficient way to deliver much-needed crop nutrients that will

help improve a grower’s bottom line. But the benefits of using MicroEssentials go beyond simple farm economics. The patented granule production process allows a grower to use less total secondary and micronutrients while still meeting the crop’s needs. MicroEssentials single granular nutrients get spread across the field more uniformly than is possible when nutrients are added separately in a blend. Component segregation of nutrients is eliminated. This single granule feeding means all nutrients are more evenly distributed. MicroEssentials also is easier to handle with less blending and less hydroscopic in bins and equipment. Finally, it is safer for emerging plants than other fertilizer options when placed with the seed.

The ability to carry MicroEssentials will be an asset to dealerships because they will be recognized as being more proactive by bringing a new, profitable technology to their customers. They also will be able to demonstrate their understanding of an agriculture that’s evolving into a high-yielding, end-product-specific market that requires unique products and tools. “We are committed to helping dealers share the MicroEssentials story,” Froehlich relates. “Their leadership in soil fertility education will pay huge dividends for them and their customers.”

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