New Formulation of Torque IF Launched For Corn

Milwaukee, WI, January 27, 2010 – EMD Crop BioScience has introduced a new formulation of Torque IF™ with LCO Promoter Technology® for corn that offers growers and Retailers more flexibility and convenience.

Torque IF was originally introduced in early 2008 as an in-furrow corn treatment, applied with liquid starters, to help corn hybrids maximize their genetic potential by enhancing root development for stronger, healthier, higher yielding crops. It represented the first successful introduction of a non-legume product with EMD’s patented LCO Promoter Technology for corn applications.

LCO Promoter Technology, available in Optimize® for soybeans since 2004 and now in Optimize® 400, is a unique, naturally occurring molecule that enhances root and shoot development immediately and independently of the variety, soil and environmental conditions.

The new formulation of Torque is now packaged in an easy-pour jug with the added flexibility for premixing with bulk liquid starters. The label has also been expanded to include 2 x 2 along with in-furrow applications.

“Torque IF was recognized for its ability to grow stronger, healthier corn plants from the roots up, so we focused on ways to make the new formulation even easier to use,” says Cathy Soanes, North American Corn and Northern Crops Marketing Manager for EMD Crop BioScience. “The new concentrated formulation means fewer cases to handle and store. With the added flexibility and efficiency, we expect a continued rise in demand among corn growers and the retailers who serve them.”

EMD Crop BioScience produces and distributes a number of innovative inoculants and crop enhancement products, most notably those containing the LCO Promoter Technology such as Optimize 400. LCO Promoter Technology is a naturally-occurring molecule that brings unprecedented early-season plant health benefits to a number of crops. For more information, log on to

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