New Holland Monitor Adds Compatibility, Capability

New Holland tractor owners working with variable rate planting and spraying equipment can now use New Holland's Precision Land Management (PLM) IntelliView Plus II monitors with two popular third-party variable rate controllers.

The IntelliView Plus II monitors also feature a new user interface for New Holland pull-type sprayers and air carts to more easily manage and track field and production data and produce prescription maps.

The IntelliView Plus II monitor can be used in conjunction with select Raven and Rawson variable rate controllers and with Flexi-Coil and New Holland sprayers and air carts to provide map-based variable rate applications and as-applied mapping. Basic field information is loaded on the monitor, and as planting occurs, the monitor records real-time information, recording the as-applied rate.

After planting, seeding or spraying have been completed, the producer can download the as-applied data to desktop software for record-keeping, analysis, and as-applied map creation. Using desktop mapping software, a prescription can be created, saved on a data card and then placed into the IntelliView Plus II monitor. The monitor can then control the appropriate variable rate based on GPS position.

With New Holland Precision Land Management, precision is portable. The IntelliView Plus II monitor is ISO 11783 compliant and can be moved easily between different pieces of equipment for maximum control of each task. It features touch-screen navigation and an easy-to-read 10.4-inch diagonal screen. The display is used for field logging, yield mapping as well as to control another part of the Precision Land Management system, the IntelliSteer auto-steering system.

The IntelliSteer auto-steering system has also been improved, and now features a new Field Swath guidance pattern. The new Field Swath guidance pattern increase growers’ efficiency by allowing more automatic operation of the system and less time driving “A-B” lines. With its wizard-style interface, it’s simple to set the Field Swath pattern. A new swath skipping feature, a new swath map prospective view with use definable viewing angles, and other upgrades to provide more flexibility, yet precise, control of the auto-guidance function.

For more information visit your New Holland Agriculture dealer or visit the New Holland Agriculture Web site.