New Ignite Price Adds to the Value of LibertyLink Crops

Bayer CropScience lowers herbicide price in time for 2010 season

Great news for growers: Bayer CropScience announced March 4 that it is reducing its price of Ignite® herbicide in the range of 20 percent — effective immediately.

Ignite is a powerful, nonselective herbicide alternative to glyphosate and, when used with LibertyLink® crops, provides the only nonselective alternative to glyphosate-tolerant systems.

"Ignite did a fantastic job on the weeds. It did everything that they told me it would do. You can see right away that when you spray the Ignite that the weeds are dying right off they instantly turn dead and with my volunteer corn it makes a real nice program."

Chris Bahler - Wolcott, Ind.

In corn, growers can take advantage of their Herculex®, SmartStax™, and Agrisure® hybrids with corn borer protection by choosing the cost-effective option of Ignite on those acres this year.

In addition high-yielding LibertyLink cotton, canola and soybeans enable use of Ignite over-the-top to control weeds efficiently.

"Our LibertyLink (soybeans) have been above where the competitor has been the last two years. They’ve been very clean, and the yield has been up there with anything else. Yields are consistently 5 to 6 bushels better and that’s impressive."

Jerry DeWitt - Newman, Ill.

Ignite also is an effective burndown tool prior to emergence of glyphosate-tolerant crops. Ignite can be applied as a burndown treatment prior to planting or emergence of any cotton, soybean, canola, corn or sugarbeet crop.

Bayer CropScience is fully committed to supplying Ignite herbicide to meet the demand as crop acres with the LibertyLink trait ramp up, said Andy Hurst, Bayer CropScience product manager for Ignite herbicide and herbicide-tolerant traits.

"The company has invested more than $150 million in expansion of Ignite manufacturing capacity to accommodate expected demand," Hurst said. "In addition to seed and crop protection portfolios, Bayer CropScience will lead in the development and commercialization of next-generation herbicide-tolerant traits and other traits of value in soybeans, cotton, corn, canola and other crops."

Talk to your local Bayer sales representative or retailer to learn more about the improved value of Ignite herbicide and LibertyLink crops today! Also, hear about the first-year experiences of LibertyLink soybean growers at