New, Innovative Trait Technology to be Unveiled at Farm Progress Show

INDIANAPOLIS — July 30, 2007 — The biggest piece of news at the largest farm show in the Midwest could likely come at the corner of 10th Progress Street and Central Progress Avenue. That’s where

Dow AgroSciences will reveal for the first time and announce details of an exciting, new family of herbicide tolerance traits during the Farm Progress Show on Aug. 28 through 30 in Decatur, Ill.

Known currently as Dow AgroSciences Herbicide Tolerance (DHT), this innovative technology will improve and enhance the performance of glyphosate and glufosinate cropping systems, says Dan Kittle, vice president of Research & Development at Dow AgroSciences.

“DHT traits will enable the use of additional broad-spectrum herbicides with differing modes of action in both the burndown and postemergence application timings,” Kittle says. “These technologies will provide solutions to improve the control of hard-to-kill broadleaf weeds, reduce selection pressure for glyphosate resistance and help to sustain the use of the glyphosate tolerance cropping system in crops like corn, soybeans and cotton.”

Visitors to the Dow AgroSciences tent at Lot 1030 will be able to get a backstage, up-close look at corn containing DHT technology in field plots. They also will get more details of the chemistries that can be

applied postemergence over the top of crops containing DHT.

“One of the most exciting things about this new technology is that it will provide tolerance to multiple families of chemistry,” says Ben Kaehler, Traits & Germplasm Licensing business leader for

Dow AgroSciences. “DHT will complement today’s existing herbicide tolerance traits to deliver improved weed control above and beyond that obtained with glyphosate or glufosinate alone.”

Besides DHT, visitors will see several new herbicides being launched by the company through its new Technology for Traits™ portfolio of products designed for use in herbicide-tolerant crops:

- SureStart™ herbicide is a broad-spectrum, soil-applied herbicide that has been designed and labeled for use only in herbicide-tolerant corn, such as Roundup Ready® corn.

- Durango® DMA® herbicide contains a new third-generation glyphosate salt that delivers ease of handling and consistent, proven, broad-spectrum weed control.

- Sonic™ herbicide contains two unique modes of action for broad-spectrum foundation control of broadleaf weeds in Roundup Ready soybeans.

Also on display in Dow AgroSciences field plots will be the latest hybrids from Mycogen Seeds, including both grain corn and Silage-Specific™ hybrids; HERCULEX® XTRA Insect Protection technology; and the company’s industry-leading healthier oils lineup.