New INSTINCT™ Nitrogen Stabilizer Impresses in Iowa Field Trials

INDIANAPOLIS — November 2, 2009 Thanks to a Section 24(c) Special Local Need Registration for INSTINCT™ nitrogen stabilizer in Iowa during 2008, growers got a first look at the product’s performance in on-farm field trials. This summer, INSTINCT received federal registration and now is widely available across the Corn Belt.

INSTINCT stabilizes urea ammonium nitrate and manure applications in the soil, protecting nitrogen at the plant root zone and optimizing yield potential — a benefit clearly evident in a total of 76 trials in all regions of Iowa. Acres treated with INSTINCT yielded 5 bushels more per acre on average compared with untreated acres. (See Charts 1 and 2.)

One of the first on-farm field trials to test INSTINCT was conducted on the Williamson Brothers farm near West Bend, Iowa, in cooperation with MaxYield Cooperative. Trial results showed that corn grown in soil treated with INSTINCT produced higher yields than corn grown without an application.

In their trial, the Williamsons applied UAN stabilized with INSTINCT™ nitrogen stabilizer on three 90-foot strips containing 12 rows each that alternated with three strips applied with unstabilized UAN.

The first treated strip yielded 205 bushels per acre, more than 19 bushels per acre higher than the corresponding untreated strip. The second treated strip came in at 177 bushels per acre, compared with 169 bushels per acre in the corresponding untreated strip. The third and final treated strip yielded 20 bushels per acre higher than the corresponding untreated strip.

With a wet, cool spring to kick off the 2008 growing season, the Williamson brothers were skeptical of how well INSTINCT would perform.

“The trial field was very damp in one end and it was a big problem,” says Roger Williamson, who farms 4,000 acres with his brother, John. “To see the yield results we did out of that location really surprised me. INSTINCT was well worth the investment.”

“It was really exciting to confirm that there was an advantage, and a pretty significant one, to using INSTINCT,” says Roger Wagner, business solutions specialist for MaxYield Cooperative. “You’re making the trip across the field anyway to apply the UAN. Adding INSTINCT nitrogen stabilizer is a no-brainer.”

Andrew Simeonidis, product manager for Dow AgroSciences, says using INSTINCT can help growers optimize corn yields by keeping N applications at the root zone, where plants can access it easily during key growth stages.

“Corn that has access to adequate N is healthier and more capable of capturing sunlight. The more sunlight energy corn plants can capture, the more energy they can turn into grain,” says Simeonidis. “More available N also equals stronger, healthier plants that have better standability, reduced risk of stalk rot and faster drydown.”

As an encapsulated product, INSTINCT remains stable on the soil surface for up to 10 days, allowing flexibility in fertilizer application and incorporation. INSTINCT can be incorporated mechanically or with a ½ inch of rain or irrigation.

“As the leader in nitrogen stabilization for more than 35 years, Dow AgroSciences is excited to offer corn growers this innovative new product,” says Simeonidis. “Our hope is that growers will try INSTINCT for themselves to discover how it can benefit their operations.”

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