New Leica Ag guidance products and features now available


Brisbane –Leica Geosystems today releases the new improved Leica mojo3D and Leica mojoMINI together with the Leica SteerDirect Hydraulic steering solutions. The products are available at your local Leica dealer today. 
New Leica mojo3D features The enhanced Leica mojo3D is a smart precision agriculture guidance system designed to help farmers create a customized solution to fit their individual needs. The new Leica mojo3D guidance display has been upgraded with a number of new features, including the new Ultimate Curve guidance option, Boundary Recording, and the ability to upgrade to GLONASS satellites.
New Leica mojoMINI features The Leica mojoMINI is an entry-level precision agriculture display with a number of new features. Providing Boundary Recording, Coverage Mapping and Continue Field, the Leica mojoMINI is an affordable solution to start saving money in the field by enhancing driver accuracy and reducing overlap.
New Leica SteerDirect Hydraulic Solutions The new SteerDirect Hydraulic option, alongside the SteerDirect SRK and SteerDirect CAN, extends the broad range of Leica steering solutions. It is a compact, integrated solution designed to work with the Leica mojoRTK auto-steer console. This unique hydraulic kit (patent pending) is designed with a number of cost-saving features, including a single bracket and a simplified design to streamline installation – saving time and money. 
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