New MP+ Roof System from MFS/York/Stormor combines superior strength with intelligent design features


GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA — MFS/York/Stormor has introduced its new MP+ non-structured roof system for its grain bins that sets new standards for strength, integrity and wind and snow loads. The MP+ roof system includes design features that surpass industry standards and offer significant advantages that provide superior strength and reliability, improve construction efficiency, and enhance grain bin/silo performance and durability.

MFS/York/Stormor is manufacturing these roof systems using a proprietary state-of-the-art roll forming line along with heavy standard G115 galvanizing designed to produce the strongest and highest quality roof sheets for bins from 12' (3.66 m) to 60' (18.29 m) diameter. The roof systems are designed to meet the most current building codes IBC2011 and ASCE 7-2010.

The MP+ roof system has impressive load characteristics with a live load of 35 lbs./ft2 (1.0 kPa) ground snow load, a dead load of 3 lbs./ft2 (0.14 kPa) and a wind load of 105 mph (168 kph). Concentrated peak loads range from 3,000 lbs. (1,361 kg) for the 12' to 24' (3.66 to 7.32 m) diameter roof systems up to 10,000 lbs. (4,536 kg) for the 54' to 60' (16.46 to 18.29 m) size. The steep 30o slope readily sheds moisture.

The new design results in fewer pieces, making for easier in-field assembly and faster on-site construction.

The MP+ roof system from MFS/York/Stormor also has a number of intelligent and common-sense design features including:

  • Large manway roof sheet with large 5.5 ft2 (0.51 m2) opening for easy access. Easy-open lid lays flat to avoid wind.
  • Specially designed 12-gauge eave clips connect roof sheets to sidewalls and reduce number of roof vents required. (54' and 60' models use continuous eave ring instead of clips.)
  • Built-in rib stops to keep out birds.
  • Extra tall (3.75"/9.5 cm) "stair step design" ribs for greater strength.
  • Hemmed drip edge to strengthen roof sheet cross-section and eliminate sharp edges
  • Structural pipe ring to improve structural integrity.
  • Well-designed 2.25 ft2 (0.21 m2) roof vents for maximum airflow.
  • Large 36" (91.4 cm) peak opening for optimal access.
  • Safety ring is a continuous round pipe for easy access to and around the roof cap.

The MP+ roof system is available for immediate shipment. For information contact MFS/York/Stormor toll free 800.247.6621 (outside Nebraska) or toll free 800.658.3104 (inside Nebraska). More information is available at