New Performance Proof Available on Capture® LFR™ insecticide from FMC

Philadelphia, April 7, 2009 — Corn producers looking for an economical, effective way to protect corn seed and seedlings early in the season can now download materials from a recent series of AgTelePanels from Beck Ag that focused on Capture® LFR™ insecticide from FMC Corporation.

The teleconferences featured agricultural retailers and corn producers discussing their experiences with using Capture LFR, ranging from the product’s ease of use and mixing to its overall efficacy and ability to boost yields.

Speakers on the teleconferences included:

· Crop consultant Ken Ferrie, owner of Crop Tech Consulting in Heyworth, Illinois

· Agricultural retailer Roy Houdersheldt, with Creston Fertilizer in Shelby, Nebraska

· Crop specialist Chuck McDonald, with Wabash Valley Service Company in Oblong, Illinois

· Corn producer Tim Hoenert from Wadesville, Indiana

Capture LFR is applied in-furrow at planting and controls cutworms, wireworms, grubs, rootworms and other soil pests in corn. The unique LFR (Liquid Fertilizer Ready) formulation mixes easily with either pop-up fertilizer or water.

“Capture LFR combines the efficiency of a product that mixes easily with pop-up fertilizers -- and stays suspended for uniform application at-plant over the seed in furrow,” says Adam Prestegord, product manager for FMC. “With Capture LFR, growers can plant, fertilize, and protect their investment from seed and seedling pests in one trip, reducing their fuel costs dramatically.”

The following materials from the recent teleconferences are now available online:

· A .pdf format copy of the handout used during the teleconference, including efficacy data and other technical information on the product

· A full-length digital audio recording of one of the teleconference sessions (file size is 4 MB, running time is 34:35 minutes)

· Five separate “topic tracks” from the recorded teleconference, including the following topics:

· Intros – 210 KB/ 1:47 minutes

· Corn planting plans – 1 MB/12:43 minutes

· Capture LFR Efficacy and Application – 1 MB/13:01 minutes

· Capture LFR Value – 516 KB/11:07 minutes

· Panelists Summary Comments – 328 KB/2:47 minutes

Formulation studies prove that Capture LFR goes into solution with liquid fertilizers easily and stays in dispersion longer than other products, with no significant change in dispersion in comparisons longer than four hours. Capture LFR can be used with liquid pop-up fertilizers or with water based solutions.

For more information about the entire portfolio of crop protection products from FMC, please visit FMC Corporation online.