New Product Information

New 2910-137 Injector Arms designed to fit Yetter Farm Equipment’s 2930 Coulters give producers confidence that their fertilizer investment is going to work exactly where it’s needed.

The injector design allows the tip to pivot and aim a fertilizer stream directly at the trench cut by the coulter blade. The stream is precise, eliminating the potential for splashing and fertilizer waste. The kit also features rust-preventing stainless steel hardware.

“Precision placement is essential in order to maximize the money invested in fertilizer. The fact that this injector’s tip pivots is key to achieving that precision,” said Yetter AOR Manager Jeff Wherley. “When producers have tools that can be trusted to apply nutrients in the exact position required by the situation, healthy crops, higher yields, and a quick return on investment are the results.”

This adjustable injector and coulter is capable of off-the-row placement of starter or nitrogen fertilizer. An innovative shield prevents soil and residue from building up, ensuring operators won’t have to stop often to clean the units. The shield also keeps debris from impacting the precise fertilizer stream.

“This fertilizer injector arm is the right answer for producers looking to add precision nutrient application capability to an existing Yetter 2930 Coulter setup,” said Wherley.