New University Data Reveals Consistent Performance of Sonic® Herbicide

INDIANAPOLIS — April 15, 2010 — Data compiled over the past three years reveals Sonic® herbicide provides consistent broad-spectrum weed control that results in higher potential returns per acre in Roundup Ready® soybeans. In the study conducted by the University of Minnesota, Sonic delivered more consistent control and higher returns per acre than glyphosate alone or conventional two-pass programs.

“Growers have many choices when it comes to selecting a residual herbicide for their soybeans, but in university trials, Sonic has consistently performed among the leading preemergence residual weed control options when considering reliability and return on investment,” says Dave Ruen, Dow AgroSciences field scientist.

Researchers used the same treatments at the same rates over a three-year period to illustrate the consistency of the results for this study. Data was collected at four locations for a total of 18 sites over the three years.

This research reinforces Sonic as a valuable tool in Roundup Ready soybeans. It sets the stage for more effective control with glyphosate later in the season by suppressing a broad spectrum of early emerging broadleaf weeds. Starting a weed control program early in the season with a residual herbicide, such as Sonic, increases weed control effectiveness and reduces yield loss potential for higher returns.

In addition, residual herbicides help growers to diversify their herbicide program.

“Diversifying a herbicide program is becoming increasingly important as more weeds in more areas of the country become hard to control or resistant to glyphosate,” Ruen says.

Sonic® herbicide is formulated with two alternative modes of action to help manage weed resistance and prolong the long-term viability of glyphosate.

Preemergence foundation programs also help to optimize weed management in soybeans by controlling weeds early in the growing season, thereby minimizing competition and improving the consistency of weed control from glyphosate.

Growers who use Sonic in their herbicide program can count on consistent control to optimize their potential returns per acre. Learn more ways to maximize yield in Roundup Ready soybeans at