NIC-IT™ Herbicide from Cheminova, Inc. Registered for use on Corn

Wayne, NJ – Cheminova, Inc. has received registration for NIC-IT™ Herbicide, a selective, postemergence product that controls annual and perennial grass weeds and some broadleaf weeds in corn.

“NIC-IT is a sulfonylurea herbicide with the active ingredient nicosulfuron,” says Dr. Jim Barrentine, Technical Services Director for Cheminova. “NIC-IT will control labeled grass weeds that have emerged and can help prevent yield loss due to heavy grass pressure in field corn grown for grain or seed, popcorn and sweet corn grown for processing.”

In addition to annual and perennial grass weeds, NIC-IT also controls several annual broadleaf weeds like Pennsylvania smartweed, pigweed, and annual morningglory.

Barrentine says NIC-IT may be tank mixed with other corn herbicides registered for postemergence use. “Growers will like the additional tank mix flexibility NIC-IT offers. Applications of NIC-IT with products containing dicamba like Banvel®, Clarity®, and Marksman® will suppress or control many more common broadleaf weeds,” says Barrentine.

NIC-IT may be broadcast to corn up to 20-inches tall (free standing) or to corn that is exhibiting up to and including 6-leaf collars, (V6) whichever is more restrictive. For corn 20-to-36-inches tall, growers should apply NIC-IT with drop nozzles and avoid spraying into the whorl of cornstalks.

NIC-IT will be available in liquid, 2-pound-per-gallon formulation and packaged in both quart and one-gallon jug package sizes. For more information about NIC-IT, visit

Cheminova, Inc., headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, is the United States subsidiary of Cheminova A/S, a global leader in the production, development and sale of crop protection products.

NIC-IT is a trademark of Cheminova, Inc. Banvel, Clarity and Marksman are registered trademarks of BASF.

Always read and follow label directions.